(CELEBRITY NEWS) Actor Katie Holmes was recently spotted checking out dogs at a New York City pet boutique with daughter Suri in tow. Perhaps the potential canine addition could help Suri deal with her mother’s divorce from celebrity Scientologist Tom Cruise. Read on for more on the outing, and here’s hoping they don’t buy a pet and adopt from a shelter! — Global Animal
Photo Credit: Joe Seer/Shutterstock.com

Ecorazzi, Jamie Warburton

Katie Holmes was seen escorting daughter Suri Cruise into and out of a New York city pet boutique this past weekend, where the pair reportedly checked out both French bulldog and Morkie puppies – both pretty gosh darn high on the scale of Cute.

Holmes could be hoping that a fluffy-faced confidant will help five-year-old Suri through the difficult process of her parents’ divorce; a pet can provide frightened children with purpose, stability, unconditional love, and an undemanding, floppy ear.

Although Suri may have been crying when she and her mother left the boutique empty-handed, we’re glad they did leave alone: perhaps Holmes was just measuring Suri’s reactions to the adorable purebreds and will eventually adopt a rescued pup. Purchasing from boutiques or breeders often supports systems based on cruelty, but as North Shore Animal League America spokesperson Devera Lynn reminds us, “If you go to a shelter, you’re going to find beautiful, healthy puppies, even purebreds. Not only that[, but] you will also be saving a life.”

If you, too, are hoping to add padding paws to your home, remember you have the power to be a hero by adopting from a shelter.

Maybe the next time Katie and Suri are out walking together, they’ll have a grateful four-footed companion embarking on a new life!

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