Morrissey Reminds Us That Meat Is Murder

Photo credit: PETA

Sonia Horon, Global Animal

When it comes to animal advocacy, The Smiths ex-frontman Morrissey never shies away from “controversial” statements. And it seems the 52-year-old crooner has no plans to stop. In a new interview with, the animal rights champion calls women who wear fur “idiots.” The singer says, “I think we have so much to learn from the animal kingdom. Instead, they are shot and gassed and farmed and eaten, and only humans do this to them! Animals don’t start wars or destroy the planet or create cancers or pollute or over-populate. Humans, by comparison, are a mess. You can also tell so much about a person by their treatment of animals. A woman in a fur-coat might as well carry a sign saying ‘I am an idiot.’ How women — and it’s usually women — can wear fur, whilst knowing how it’s manufactured, is absolutely bewildering to me. The human race is rarely humane.”

Morrissey has been a vegetarian since the age of eleven, and a loud voice for animal rights throughout his life. He coined the phrase “Meat Is Murder,” also the name of The Smiths’ second album. The album was included in The Rolling Stones 500 greatest albums of all time. The title track on Meat Is Murder features the lyrics, “This beautiful creature must die/A death for no reason/And death for no reason is murder” and, “It’s not “natural”, “normal” or kind/The flesh you so fancifully fry/The meat in your mouth/As you savour the flavor of murder.”

Mozzer, as he's fondly called by fans, advocating an animal friendly diet. Photo credit: PETA

In the new interview Morrissey also talks about his diet. “It took me a long time to give up eggs, but I managed it. It’s all a moral question, and whether you approve or disapprove of cruelty. It has nothing to do with food since there are an abundance of alternatives to eating death. I’ll admit that animal flesh was probably all people could eat in 1207, but there’s no excuse or reason in 2012. Meat is violence and horror and death and cruelty and… why put all of that inside your body?”

In 2005, The Smiths ex-frontman was awarded the Linda McCartney Memorial award from PETA for his tireless efforts to promote a cruelty-free lifestyle. He continually and bravely speaks up for those who have no voice. It’s really refreshing to see a musician obsessed with something other than themselves in modern society. Cheers, Morrissey!