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If you’re looking for an easy way to get involved with helping shelter animals, Pet Pardons is a good way to start. The goal of this Facebook application is to save shelter animals that are on death row. The intention is to get as many people as possible advocating for the pets, and through publicity, hopefully save their life and find their forever home. 

Lady, a beautiful Bull Terrier mix, is still waiting for her happy home at the North Central Animal Care and Control Shelter. If you’re interested in adopting or helping her out call the shelter at 888-452-7381. Her Kennel number is A1139538. Photo credit: Mike Pozo

Here’s how it works: Pet Pardons posts pictures of animals that are well on their way to being euthanized. By clicking on the “Advocate” button, the pet’s picture shows up on your Facebook wall, where hopefully your family and friends will see it and share it on their walls. The hope is that the more publicity the pet gets, the better the chances are that someone interested in rescuing the animal will see them.

The application provides all the vital information about the animal such as name, age, gender and what shelter the animal is located at. There are also pictures and sometimes videos, as well as personality descriptions.

Whether you’re looking to adopt a pet or you just want to do your part to help, Pet Pardons is a good place to go to. If you know of a pet that’s about to be euthanized you can also post the information onto Pet Pardons’ wall.

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For more information on Pet Pardons, visit their Facebook page




  1. I am trying to post on Pet Pardons. I am not of the computer literate generation but I am trying like hell..These precious little furbabies are with Clayton County. Can you please repost? Thanks much.

    Massive kill day on Friday August 16 at Clayton County AC:
    Per Captain Mark Thompson this is the largest number of dogs coming into the shelter in such a short time in his 5.5 year history as Director: we are begging tonight for your help. 35 on the list to die in the morning. Must have rescues at AC early no space:
    133881 Juniper looks great dane.
    133968 Macaroni.
    133994 Sassy hw neg.
    133954 & 55 Frenchy and Small Frye.
    133826 Bays.
    133682 & 683 Marlon & Marilyn.
    133688 Lilac hw neg.
    133631 Wendy hw neg.
    133927 Danny vetted owner surrender.
    133694 Sassy.
    133778 Franco looks shep mix.
    133860 Dolly hw neg.
    133873 Digs favorite owner surrender.
    133726 Felix neutered owner surrender.
    133770 Violetta.
    133513 Polly hw neg.
    133942 Rebekah-plotthound.
    133939 Bruce hw neg.
    133938 Bonita shep mix.
    133882 Stetson shep mix.
    133833 Mulberry just a pup.
    133879 Soloman shep mix.
    133822 Persimmon.
    133775 Dandelion.
    133921 Popcorn husky mix.
    133909 Sage husky mix pup.
    133792 Peppermint 4-5 months.
    133908 Chattahoochee.
    133857 Harmony.
    133900 Jester.
    133911 Chervil 5-6 months.
    133798 Halk owner surrender.
    Others could be added. Please see all pictures in the urgent album. This is certain death for all these dogs without getting rescue help. There is absolutely no space at Clayton AC. Please save one it makes a difference to that one. We need a Miracle.

  2. I am not sure how to get in touch but I need some help. I would like to save the little girl that will be PTS tomorrow. Her name is Sissy, she is 5 and of course she is in lancaster SC. She is out of time and it is killing me. Why does this evil so called shelter let us know when it is hard to find folks on such short notice?

    HER NAME IS SISSY< SHE IS 5 YRS OLD AND BEAUTIFUL. I would love to give her a great forever home and lots of love. I do have 2 small dogs and 6 cats. All rescues! My phone is 484 452 6030 and email is [email protected] Please let me know about Sissy.