Kristin Hugo, Global Animal

Bison once dominated the North American landscape by the tens of millions. That was until the 19th century when they were hunted to the brink of extinction to make room for development. Now an organization called Defenders of Wildlife is raising money to get North American bison back onto the Great Plains of Montana by shipping 65 of them from Yellowstone.

Photo Credit: Defenders of Wildlife

Bison still receive little respite from human activity. If they wander out of Yellowstone National Park when food gets scarce, they are pushed back into the park, penned, or shipped for slaughter. Five years ago, 65 bison were saved from slaughter and put in captivity. These bison will have the opportunity to increase their population once moved to Montana.

Defenders of Wildlife are hoping to raise a total of $40,000 by this Friday, March 23. To help the bison roam free and form a new herd on the lands of the Assiniboine and Sioux tribes, please donate. According to their donation page, they have achieved 87% of their goal for $40,000.

To help free the Yellowstone 65, visit the Defenders of Wildlife donation page.





  1. This article is very misleading, and “Defenders” of Wildlife is not telling you all the TRUTH. They are conveniently leaving out a lot of tragic information, which is shameful. Also, these quarantined buffalo having been moved hardly “saves” the endangered wild populations of the Yellowstone region … the country’s LAST continuously wild herds.


    If you care about wild buffalo, please take the time to explore the whole story… it is critical for a full understanding of this.

    Buffalo Field Campaign
    West Yellowstone, Montana