(WILDLIFE) COSTA RICA — The only sanctuary in the world devoted to saving orphaned and injured sloths has found a new way to treat skin infections — pajamas. While these getups might look like sleep attire, these baby sloths are actually swaddled in colorful bandages to cover a healing balm on the infected skin. And we thought baby sloths could not get more adorable. Read on and watch the video for more on this home remedy. — Global Animal

The Huffington Post, Laura Hibbard

Kristen Bell is probably freaking out right now. Honestly, so are we … just look at them. How could you not?

Since these orphan baby sloths are growing up without their mother’s antibody-filled milk, they’re much more prone to infection. In this case, the two suffer from a nasty case of mange — a skin infection caused by parasitic mites.

Not to worry though, as sloth sanctuary owner Judy Avey-Arroyo has developed an effective — and adorable — home remedy.

First, the twin babies have to get a buzz cut to remove all the hair where pesky mites might be hiding. Next, Judy smothers their bare skin with a balm made of sulfer and lard, which soothes the skin and suffocates any remaining mites.

Finally, the babies are swaddled in colorful bandages to keep them from licking off the balm, which also happen to look a lot like baby onesies.

Bandage swaddling isn’t the only adorable sloth home-remedy that’s got our attention lately. Back in January, some equally adorable baby sloths got a gentle bath, and an eucalyptus leaf to munch on afterward.

And last year, Sid the baby sloth clutched his teddy bear as he drank milk from a bottle. According to the video from Animal Planet, it’s common for orphan sloths to enjoy cuddling with a stuffed animal in their cages.

More Huffington Post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/03/01/baby-sloths-wearing-onesies_n_1313389.html