Dogs against Romney. Photo credit:

By Michael Kaminsky, Global Animal

In 1983 the Romney family: Mitt, wife Anne, and their five sons, set off on a 12-hour road trip from Boston to Ontario. Also along for the journey was the family dog, Seamus, an Irish Setter. With no room in the car for Seamus, Mitt tied the dog and his kennel to the top of the family van. From there is where the story gets a bit messy.

At one point during the car ride the children noticed a brown liquid streaking down the car’s windows. Turns out Seamus, probably terrified, got diarrhea. Romney, often faulted for his robotic, please-the-masses approach, lived up to his reputation as he pulled over to a rest stop. While there, Mitt wouldn’t allow his children to leave the vehicle as he hosed down Seamus and the car. Not a good look, Mitt—even with that hair.

It’s stories like this that cause American voters to veer away from Romney’s often robotic nature. If this is how he handles a dog soiling itself, is this how he’ll handle other decisions affecting living creatures? Romney’s emotionless approach often leaves those in his care suffering the consequences, whether they be Seamus the dog or workers laid off by Bain Capitol. This story still resonates as Romney’s way of looking at the world thirty years later.

There’s no debating that what Romney did was wrong, but it’s nowhere near as bad as silencing sexually harassed female co-workers (Herman Cain), or being the addiction trifecta of booze, pills, and adultery that is Newt Gingrich. Many argue Romney to be the best of the comically assembled batch of crazies the news networks refer to as the Republican presidential candidate pool.

As animal lovers we will forever be outraged by Romney’s poor decision making, but does this part of his past reflect who he is today, and is this event a relevant insight into the way he’ll solve future problems?

Global Animals, do you think the story of the Romney’s poor Irish Setter will affect how you’ll vote come your state’s primary, or in the 2012 election? Do the actions of Mitt Romney 30-years ago still reflect the man running for president today?

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  1. Amanda, yes cheating on your wife is a VERY big character flaw, especially in office it demonstrates an abuse of power and an abuse of the position of the office itself. You can not compare Romney with an individual who was elected over 50 years ago. We now know what a morally corrupt individual JFK was – but what are we to do about it today? To say that he was a bad politican because he was a womanizer is hindsight – there is nothing we can do about his time served in office! This isn’t a measure of one behavior against another, this is looking at the behavior of a person who is supposed to have compassion and become a great leader. Tying his animal to the car with his children around wouldn’t get himin the door as a kindergarten teacher, let alone a president. That is just BIZARRE behavior, and demonstrates very clearly that he is not a compassionate individual. Unless he underwent some therapy, I fail to see how this thinking has been changed. It was second nature to boot his animal to the roof over luggage, while his kids watche din horror. That is not normal.

  2. Doesn’t matter – any one that ties a living being to the hood of the car is MISSING A SENSITIVITY chip and lacks common sense. Comparing it to multiple affairs is not a logical argument. You are comparing one man’s libido and his poor moral judgement with a standard of treatment for living things. It is NOT an equal comparison. Most pepetrators of crimes against animals go on to committ crimes against humans since it is thier first step into crossing a boundry for compassion and ethical treatmaent of living things. Abuse of animals can be perfroemd as far back as CHILDHOOD, and the traits anifest themselves far worse into adulthood. I would ask yourself, is this something YOU would do?