(ANIMAL CRUELTY) UKRAINE — To “solve” their stray animal population problem, Ukraine is using a mobile crematorium to burn masses of stray dogs and cats alive. This practice has been protested by animal rights activists for more than a year, but nothing is being done to investigate these mass killings.
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Ukraine's stray dogs and cats are burned alive by the masses. Photo credit: Washington Post

Care2, Ofunne Okwudiafor

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Ukraine and Poland won the bid to host the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship. Government officials knew that major preparations needed to be arranged in the Ukraine in order to accomodate the thousands of people that attend the tournanment every year, but citizens were not aware that part of the preparation would include slaughtering stray animals.

For years, animal activists in Ukraine have been protesting against the inhumane practices used to solve the stray animal problem. But their pleas have virtually gone unheard. And with the football tournamnent rapidly appraching, things have taken a turn for the worse.

Stray dogs and cats were previously killed using an illegal poison called ditiline. The strays are shot with the poison and their respiratory muscles are paralyzed. In other words, their lungs freeze, collapse and fail to function. Now, the shootings have merely become the means to an end.

Ukraine has made the strays a problem of urgency because of the tournament. According to authorities, they are now using a “more modern, environmentally safe” way of taking care of this problem. After the strays are captured, they are taken to a mobile crematorium. Essentially, the animals are thrown into a 900 degree oven and burned alive.

Ukranian animal rights activists have been protesting this practice for more than a year, and operations director of the UEFA, Martin Kallen, has publicly said that he does not approve of any methods of animal control that constitute animaly cruelty. However, nothing has been done to investigate the burnings. In fact, less than a week ago, UEFA president Michel Platini visited the Ukraine and said he was pleased with Ukraine’s progress.

Animal Activists in Ukraine are furious that nothing is being done about these mass animal killings. Foreign fans are trying to mobilize and boycott Ukraine’s involvment in the tournament, but no moves have been made to do so. Activists are desperately trying to save the stray dogs and cats of the Ukraine.

You can help them by signing this petition calling on Ukraine to stop burning animals alive.

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  1. I live in Ukraine, in Vinnitsa city and today I was in my local dog shelter. 300 dogs SURVIVE there. They live in horrible conditions in shelter where volunteers help those orphans. A lot of dogs are sterilized but they all need help – not enough food, not enough warm blankets, no roof over their heads. At least theya re not homeless and someone takes care of them! I brought some food, some medicine, a few blankets and made a video