(DOG-FRIENDLY HOTELS) Are you planning on traveling in style with your dog? If so, these hotels are the ones to choose for the ultimate people and dog pampering. From doggy room service to ocean views, these hotels know how to cater to the needs of dogs and dog lovers alike. Read on for information about some beautiful, pet-friendly resorts and their dog-welcoming services, and check out the photo gallery below. — Global Animal

The Daily Meal, Nicole Campoy-Leffler

Spending three-quarters of a paycheck on your four-legged family member is not uncommon. With more designer duds than you, your pup is pampered from head to toe with laboriously put together dinners and his or her choice of walk by leash, stroller, or a quick trip to the backyard pee-pad (for those icky, rainy days). Why should all that unabashed luxury come to a screeching halt just because you’re headed out of town? Not to mention, packing a suitcase within the stringent weight limits of the airlines is hard enough without that irresistible face looking up at you wondering how you could possibly leave.

Instead of hopping off to explore new territory sans pooch, bring Fido with you. You and your pup will discover a whole new level of pet-friendly luxe on the road. Seattle’s Willows Lodge, for example, offers Fido his own doggy room service menu and a copy of Citydog magazine to ease into things. Las Ventanas al Paraiso in Cabo caters to dogs with specific dietary needs — we’re sure they’ll do the same for owners.

What dog doesn’t look good with the posh London neighborhood of Chelsea in the background? Let Fido luxuriate alongside you at The Milestone Hotel in London, where pets are treated to their special amenities and menu — don’t be jealous, the hotel has plenty of extravagance left for you. And while you’re still in your robe at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills deciding what to order for breakfast, your little one will be munching on a New York sirloin with scrambled eggs.

You may be traveling for any number of reasons (business, pleasure, family reunions), but little Fido is tagging along for one reason, and one reason only: a seemingly unending, uninterrupted pampering session.

Book a stay for you and your (under 30 lb.) four-legged love at the Four Seasons Toronto and for no additional fee, your pup will be treated to his or her own food and water bowls (complete with bottled water), a welcome doggy treat, and a toy to gnaw on. The hotel also happens to be particularly child-friendly, with kid menus featuring French Toast Fingers, chicken noodle soup, and grilled cheese sandwiches) if you plan on making this a full family affair. Photo Credit: The Daily Meal


Finally, a place where your puppy doesn’t get confused about which towel to use when drying off from a splash in the tub — the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills makes sure your pup’s monogrammed, paw-print towels are at the ready. They’ll also present Fido with a special doggy room service menu (and a bottle of Evian, of course), a welcome letter from the manager, and dedicated dog-walking services. The hotel charges a $35 additional fee for pups. Photo Credit: The Daily Meal


One of Boston’s must glamorous boutique hotels, XV Beacon offers your lucky pup healthy dog biscuits, a plush puppy bed, and water just before bed. Dog sitting and walking services can be arranged, too (which made us wonder if the Freedom Trail was originally meant as a dog walking route). The hotel charges a $25 pet fee, which goes entirely to the MSPCA Angell Memorial hospital. Photo Credit: The Daily Meal


Weary pet travelers will sigh with relief when they see the Fairmont San Francisco’s puppy mini-bar. With organic dog treats (including cable-car decorated cookies), a fancy Fairmont water bowl, a dog walking map, and a plush dog bed, it’ll be hard to convince Fido to check out on time. Dog sitting and walking over to Huntington Park round out Fido’s San Francisco trip. The Pampered Pooch Package starts at $269, which includes a $25 cleaning fee. Photo Credit: The Daily Meal


Pups who get to leisurely stroll along the Italian coast of Portofino are used to sitting in the lap of luxury. Which is why they’ll have no trouble getting used to Hotel Splendido’s dedicated dog room service, puppy housekeeping amenities, and dog sitting services. Pups can also make sure to look their best with a stop at the dog beauty parlor and the dog boutique. The hotel will also provide dutiful owners with a dog-friendly map of Portofino. Photo Credit: The Daily Meal


At W Hotels, P.A.W. stands for Pets Are Welcome and they drive that point home in every last detail. Your furry friend will get a toy, treat, a W Hotel tag, clean-up bags, and a welcome letter (describing the many concierge-offered dog services) just at check-in. But the real pampering comes with special services like a puppy-safe birthday cake to celebrate his or her special day, dog food at the ready, and a Bow-Ow Box (pup first aid). (We hear the W San Francisco will even serve Fido a non-alcoholic Bowser Beer before bed.) The hotel charges $25 on top of your room rate, and a non-refundable $100 cleaning fee. Photo Credit: The Daily Meal


You’ll be able to relax knowing that Fido is well cared for at The Milestone in London. You may be looking forward to the fine dining experience of Cheneston’s or having a nightcap in the sumptuous Stables Bar, but your furry friend gets treated to a pup-centric welcome hamper with his or her own bedding and a turndown snack. The doggy room service menu offers Woof Waffles and steak and sausage options, while dog toys, first aid kits, and walking services are available on request. Photo Credit: The Daily Meal


With the only three-starred Michelin restaurant in Rome, any dog worth his salt knows that Waldorf’s Rome Cavalieri is the ultimate destination. And their VIP (Very Important Pet) program does not disappoint — think special dog menus like tuna, rice, meats, and even vegetable soup (only for the dog that can sip, not slurp) served in Gucci bowls. What your in-the-know pooch may not be expecting, though, is a personalized cashmere sweater with his or her name spelled out in rhinestones. Photo Credit: The Daily Meal


Miami’s Mandarin Oriental has the art of pampering down — whether it’s of two-legged or four-legged guests. Their “Ready to Fly” meals may impress the humans, but the golden Mandarin Oriental tag, bottled water, bone-shaped placemat, swish doggy bed, special Miami-style treats, and a room service menu that reads like a puppy’s dream are on offer to impress the furrier among us. Let Fido fuel up on steak, organic chicken, and pet-safe desserts before hitting up Doggie Boot Camp. Photo Credit: The Daily Meal


Let Fido decide what comes first, a puppy neck massage or a snack from the Canine Delights menu. Your pooch will never look as cute as he does lounging in Las Ventanas al Paraiso’s little puppy cabana by the pool. That is, until his server brings by his order of braised beef and rice in his dedicated bowl. K-9 cookies come for dessert, unless Fido has a special diet, which they’re happy to accommodate, as well. Photo Credit: The Daily Meal


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