Joseph Turner, Global Animal

(CULTURE) — Want to have fun and save animals? Good World Games has given animal lovers the opportunity with their Facebook game titled MyConservationPark. In playing the game, players protect endangered animals by creating natural habitats and protecting the animals from human threats. More importantly, MyConservationPark donates 15%  of its in-game purchases to the non-profit organization, The Diane Fossey Gorilla Fund, for its orangutan conservation efforts.

World Games also has the backing of organizations such as WildAid for the Tiger Park, and Orangutan Outreach.

The future looks bright for World Games and animals across the world as the company has the backing of Sea Shepherd Society and United Conservationists. Moreover, World Games and United Conservationists plan on launching the game Hammerhead Shark Park shortly.

While nothing replaces actively being on the scene to help struggling animals, this virtual game helps endangered animals by providing funds to conservation groups. Moreover, the game conveys a positive message about animals and the environment, which can persuade players to become more animal conscious.

By educating players, Good World Games has the power to make its users more aware of the animal causes. Furthermore, these pro-animal games can help instill a sense of animal activism and a fondness for animals, especially in younger generations.

If you want to have some fun and help animals, try checking out World Games and its MyConservationPark Facebook game.