(WHALE WARS) VIDEO & PICTURES – Loyal fans found good company on Friday night at a special premiere screening of Whale Wars on the world-famous Santa Monica Pier. Animal Planet, along with Los Angeles Times‘ lifestyle magazine Brand X, hosted the screening as part of an ongoing series of films to be shown on the pier. Sitting over the water looking out to the ocean, fans agreed that this Whale Wars viewing party was perfect. Where will you be watching the show tonight?

Fans rejoiced when Whale Wars lit up the huge screen on the Santa Monica pier. (Photo credit: Erin Suggett)
Alex Cornelissen, Fiona McCuaig, Jason Carey and Paul Watson answered questions after the screening. (Photo credit: Erin Suggett)

If you’re a Sea Shepherd supporter and a Whale Wars fan, meeting Paul Watson and the newest star of Whale Wars, Bob Barker Captain, Alex Cornelissen, is simply an honor. And watching the season premiere of Whale Wars by their side is priceless. So imagine how fans felt last Friday at the Santa Monica Pier when they did exactly that at a special screening of Whale Wars‘ Season 4 premiere.

Those who attended the Brand X and Animal Planet-hosted viewing party received bright blue Whale Wars beach towels as a welcoming gift. Many fans showed up early to ensure they’d get free swag, and as the night progressed, most of the audience snuggled themselves in their new beach towels as temperatures dropped on the pier. Perhaps it wasn’t the cold weather hitting the audience, but the spine-chilling effect of finally watching Whale Wars after already hearing much of the great news from this season’s campaign, Operation No Compromise.

After the audience cheered and giggled their way through the episode, Captain Paul Watson, Captain Alex Cornelissen, crew member Fiona McCuaig and Whale Wars executive producer Jason Carey answered questions. Viewers could tweet in their questions, too, and one lucky young lady even got to hug Paul Watson after requesting to do so through twitter.

Global Animal was lucky enough to talk to Paul Watson at the event and ask him a bit about this upcoming season. Our biggest questions? How did it feel to finally ‘defeat’ the whalers, and what’s next for Sea Shepherd (and the show) if whaling in the Antarctic is indeed dead? What he told us is pretty exciting!

[We apologize for the noisy background in this video…everyone was pretty excited at the crowded premiere!]

Even though Watson couldn’t say if he thought the whalers would return next year, we suspect they’ve given up. Until we know for sure, we’ll keep wondering: Is this the battle that wins the war?

Whale Wars airs tonight on Animal Planet at 9 p.m. EST.

The crowd at Whale Wars premiere on the Santa Monica pier. (Photo credit: Erin Suggett)


Fans arrived three to four hours early to get a great seat (and free beach towels) at the premiere.
Booths at the premiere sold Sea Shepherd merchandise, popcorn and hot coffee.
Booths at the premiere sold Sea Shepherd merchandise, popcorn and hot coffee.

— Molly-Marie Canales, exclusive to Global Animal