(PETS) When a missing cat was picked up by Animal Control Services, they thought reuniting the pet with her guardian would be simple since the cat had a microchip. Unfortunately, the phone number they were given was out of service. Find out how Facebook brought a pet and her caretaker back together. — Global Animal

Belle was adopted in Montreal then moved to Victoria. A microchip in the cat linked it to Montreal, where it had been adopted from the Montreal SPCA. Photo credit: Facebook

Victoria Times Colonist, Jeff Bell

VICTORIA, B.C., CANADA — The cat came back, but it took a friend request on Facebook to make it happen.

Ian Fraser of Victoria Animal Control Services said he heard about wayward feline from concerned Victoria residents.

“It just showed up and it was living under their deck,” said Fraser, whose company does animal control for Victoria and nearby Oak Bay, B.C. The kitty’s microchip linked it to Montreal, where it had been adopted from the Montreal SPCA.

“They had records of who they adopted the cat to. They gave us the name and we made a phone call, but the number was out of service.”

As it would turn out, the owner had recently moved to Victoria. The credit for deciding what to do from there goes to a quick-thinking employee, Fraser said.

The staff member suggested Facebook was worth a try.

Fraser said a matching name was found on the popular social media site, and the fact that the person had attended Montreal’s McGill University was an indication things were on the right track.

Then came a friend request, with the kicker coming when his employee decided to take photographs of the cat and use one as a profile picture, Fraser said.

It worked like a charm, and contact was made.

“It was great that one of my staff had the smarts to do the Facebook search,” Fraser said. “It just shows you what ends we’ll go to try to locate someone and reunite them with their animal.”

Belle the cat was returned to her grateful owner Friday.