Rescued Pets In Japan NOT GASSED In 72 Hours

JAPAN – There have been lots of stories, petitions and rumors about the gassing of pets by animal shelters within 72 hours of their rescue. Global Animal has waited to publish this story until getting the facts. Read below to find out the real policy, instituted in 1995 after the Great Hanshin Earthquake in Kobe, Japan. Below is an official translated report from The Emergency Disaster Animal Relief Headquarters. – Global Animal

From The Emergency Disaster Animal Relief Headquarters in Japan:

In the aftermath of the great earthquake disaster of eastern Japan, after hearing a false rumor circulating that dogs and cats housed in animal shelters in the disaster area are being euthanized, we make the following announcement.

We understand that there is a great deal of anxiety not just about animals, but also about the inability to make contact with affected areas, and we ask that you please remain calm. Upon the occurrence of this disaster, the usual protocol for euthanizing lost dogs and cats that go unclaimed following a certain notification period has been suspended.

At the Emergency Disaster Animal Relief Headquarters, relief and management is underway such that cats and dogs affected by the disaster will not be euthanized. This is in accordance with a decision made following the Great Hanshin Earthquake that euthanasia of disaster stricken dogs and cats is not undergone, a decision which is still in effect today.

Presently, on March 17th at the Emergency Disaster Animal Relief Headquarters, base establishment and food delivery arrangements appear to be underway, but the inability to secure gasoline is making progress difficult. Fear driven purchase and stockpiling of gasoline will prevent relief supplies from reaching affected areas. We ask everyone again to please remain calm.

This concludes the announcement by the Emergency Disaster Animal Relief Headquarters.

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Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support is pressing to get a reprieve on the 72-hour kill policy at the animal centers in the impacted areas. To be clear, this short time frame before animals are euthanized is not because of the earthquake/tsunami crisis. This has been the policy in Japan for years and animal advocates are working for change. Global Animal received this statement from Sharon Lacey of Japan Cat Network, which is part of the Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support (JEARS) coalition:

“I have heard there is a petition going around on the internet regarding displaced animals being gassed within 72 hours.  I don’t know how this got started, but there is a bit more to it than that.  JEARS is a staunchly no-kill organization.  We WILL NOT euthanize any animal, with the rare exception of an animal that is suffering terribly and has no chance of survival.  We exist to save animals, not destroy them.  Any animals that come into our care will be cared for until they can be reunited with their original families, or, if that is not possible, placed in new adoptive homes – regardless of how long that takes.  The 72 hour period is common practice at animal control centres throughout the country.  72 hours is a very general time frame given to surrendered cats, while dogs usually have 7 days.  Sometimes less.  This tragic system has been a reality for Japanese animals long before the earthquake.  JEARS has absolutely no intention of sending rescued animals to animal control centres, as long as these practices continue.”



  1. Question:

    Japan’s policy is to gas after 72 hours. Is that still happening?

    I understand this rescue group will not turn found or rescued pets over to shelters, where they will be gassed in 72 hours, but what is the official position of Japan on pets separated from their owners during this diaster?

  2. You know this is a faux right? Within 5 minutes, I could get a link stating that this was a faux from Okayama JSPCA, and posted on JEARS’ FB. I got contacted, sent my translation, and it is fully confirmed that it was a faux.

    Please be advised Emergency Disaster Animal Relief HQ is a government-appointed group conisted of 4 non-profit groups such as Japan SPCA and Japan Vet Medical Assoc. The group is mobilized upon a disaster based on the Japanese Law. This group rescued over 1500 animals at Kobe Earthquake, and took care of them over 450 days without killing one. This is not related to JEARS.
    We should not pass information without checking facts first.

    Here isthe unofficial translation

    First – animals reacued at the disastered area and housed at the animal control facilities in such regions are NOT going to be killed after 72 hours. THIS IS A FAUX!!

    I took a liberty and translated this from Okayama SPCA.

    I am translating their news in haste – so please forgive misspelling and grammar mistakes!

    “It came to out attention that there has been a FAUX that dogs and cats reacued at local aniaml control facilities in the affected area

    We understand that communication with the affected area has been limited. A lack of comminication increases our anxious level. But please do not panic.

    When a disaster strikes, the regular policy at animal control facilities – that animals taken in will be killed after a posted period – stops. Dogs and cats rescued at disaster-struck areas will be housed and managed at the Emergency Disaster Animal Rescue Centers (sorry I donot know its official English name), and they will not be killed.

    This is a policy set forth after the Kobe Earthquake, and there have not bee any cases that a suffered animal was killed.

    As of 3/17, the emegency animal rescue center seems to work on logistics to send foods to each local centers, but the lack of gas has been delaying this effort.

    Panic buying of gas results in delaying the rescue effort. So Please act calmly.”

  3. Japan needs to realize that many of the nations that will send aid to them will not continue if Japan has no compassion for lost animals.Japan needs to help the animals as well as the humans, animals are so dedicated to people why are people not the same way to their animals. Stop killing these pets.