CAMBODIA –Hundreds came to celebrate the unusual wedding of two pythons. Read how serpent bride, Chamreunin, a 16-ft. python, was married to groom, Krong Pich, in the belief the nuptials will bring those attending prosperity and peace. If we allowed ourselves a little romantic anthropomorphism, we might suggest that the bride (left) seems to be smiling at her slender, and more diminutive, husband.  – Global Animal

Hundreds of Cambodians have celebrated the unusual wedding of two snakes, in the belief the nuptials will bring those attending prosperity and peace.

Serpent bride Chamreun, a 16ft-long (4.8m) python weighing 200lb (90kg), wed her smaller mate in a village just south of the capital Phnom Penh.

Buddhist monks blessed the pair and villagers showered them with flowers during the two-hour ceremony.

Many Cambodians are superstitious, and merge animist practices with Buddhism.

Animism is the belief that spirits can inhabit living and inanimate objects.

Happy couple

“We organised the wedding ceremony for the pythons in order to oust bad things and bring good luck and happiness for our villages,” said 41-year-old Neth Vy, who owns Chamreun.

“We were told (by fortune-tellers) that the two pythons are husband and wife and they need to live together, and if we don’t marry them we will meet bad luck,” he was quoted by AFP as saying.

Mr Neth said he had found the then-tiny python while fishing in 1994, and that she had become part of the family.

Since taking the snake in, he said no misfortune had befallen his family.

The python groom, named Krong Pich, was caught 12 days ago by people in a neighbouring village.