AUSTRALIA– Gunshot victim Frodo, the koala joey, made her first public appearance today. She is under  ‘lead poison watch’ as her veterinarians confirm they cannot remove all the bullets from her tiny 4 1/2-pound body. Frodo’s feistiness has surprised and moved so many. Fingers are crossed that she can surmount the risk of lead poisoning– Global Animal

November 20, 2010 – Nikkii Joyce, Sunshine Coast Daily

Veterinarian Amber Gillett introduces Frodo to the media. Photo: Ben Beaden

Gunshot victim Frodo, the feisty koala joey, is under “lead poison watch” as her veterinarian carers confirm they cannot remove all the pellets from her tiny body.

The two-kilogram baby made her first public appearance yesterday.

She captured hearts across the world after she was found beside her dead mother near Kenilworth this month. They had been peppered with shotgun pellets.

Men, women and children across the world have raised $7946 for the brave little koala in just two weeks in an Everyday Hero page, set up by the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors.

The target is $12,000.

Frodo’s much anticipated first public appearance since her shooting came with plenty of fanfare, snuggled into a bright pink blanket in the arms of her carer.

Her scar, previously a shocking stitching down the centre of her head, is now only barely visible with just a few threads standing out of the rapidly growing fur.

Veterinarian Amber Gillett said 15 pellets were scattered throughout her body.

Dr Gillett said surgeons could only remove seven, confirming she could succumb to lead toxicity to those remaining in her intestinal tract.

After two surgeries, hospital staff now felt the little joey was healthy enough to face the cameras.

“Frodo is a very alert little girl and has been moving around freely by herself,” Dr Gillett said.

“I expect Frodo to remain in care for a minimum of six to eight months or until she has reached pre-release size of 4kg,” she said.

People can donate to help save Frodo and others like her in care at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital by using link: