(VIDEO) Rescued Baby Dolphin Gets Swimming Lesson

(VIDEO) URUGUAY – Catch the first video of Nipper, the rescued baby dolphin in Uruguay, getting a swimming lesson. After being injured by a fishing net and washing ashore, the 10-day-old baby dolphin was brought by tourists to the SOS Rescate de Fauna Marina reserve to be nursed back to health. Watch as this little cutie, now 13 days old, gets a swimming lesson under the gentle guidance of the reserve’s director. – Global Animal

(ANIMAL VIDEO) JUST IN! Catch the first video of the rescued baby dolphin in Uruguay getting a swimming lesson. 13 days old on November 8th, 2010! — Global Animal

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Nov. 10,2010: UPDATE: The Baby Dolphin’s Recovery  & The Boys Who Saved Him


Nov. 12,2010: UPDATE: Rescued Baby Dolphin Battling Hyperthermia


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