barkworks puppy mill video(VIDEO): Global Animal was blown away by this puppy mill protest video set to the Black Eyed Peas rendition of “Where Is the Love?” Tell us what you think! Also find how to get involved to protect Prop B, the Missouri anti-puppy mills, which now faces reversal of the very provisions that protect dogs from this horrific abuse.

Read about how Missouri Puppy Mills Give Abused Dogs False Papers


UPDATE: APRIL 19, 2011 – Just last week, the Missouri House of Representatives voted 85 to 71 to pass a bill to gut Prop B, the historic puppy mill initiative, with the bill nullifying every core provision of the initiative approved by the state’s voters only five months ago.


UPDATE: TAKE ACTIONProtect Prop B Puppy Mill Law From Being Gutted – TAKE ACTION





  1. I think the video was great and i am glad the black eyed peas are stepping up, but Fergie wears Fur. Love the song, Protester are warriors. I thank them all. xoxoxo I am protesting a puppy mill on Friday, busy weekend for me. Puppy mill is being sued for harassing us. yea!! the will be out of business soon.

  2. I think Black eyed peas just made my favorite list..I am a dog rescuer, foster to the strays untill they are adopted to good homes…I’ve picketed a new puppy store in my area and own a puppy mill doge that was rescued 3 yrs ago. She was in terrible shape when I got her..her mate died one year after being rescued.  “Hope” is now a happy girl just being a dog and part of my 3 shi-tzue family who take care of her as if she was their pup….She has pulled thru breast cancer surgery one year ago and now very healthy….Puppy Mills are not healthy breeding facilities but a living hell hole…we must stop the maddness.

  3. ISN’T IT TIME TO CONSIDER PET MILLS AS THE GENERIC NAME FOR THIS ATROCIOUS INDUSTRY? The idea that Puppy Mills are allowed to exist is an atrocity. Now multiply this by the knowledge that there are Kitty Mills, Bunny Milly, and mills for every type of animal that someone in this country considers a pet. There is an across the board animal suffering because of our hunger for breeds of specific kinds and because of that PET MILLS flourish. Animal suffering is not relegated to just dogs. There is a hunger for specific purebred cats and they suffer as well. Bunnies are bred to fulfill the need for that Easter hunger for the cute creature. Isn’t it time to include all animals that suffer as result of mill breeding. ISN’T IT TIME TO CONSIDER PET MILLS AS THE GENERIC NAME FOR THIS ATROCIOUS INDUSTRY?

  4. WOW!!! Brought me to tears and some I had to turn away; only sick twisted people are capable of treating innocent creatures this way. BEP is one of my favorites…thank you. I sent emails, snail mail letters, and called Missouri Governor to Veto the bill. It would be a disgrace to animals and a slap in the face to democracy if he doesn’t comply with voter’s wishes.