(RHINO) Elle Macpherson says powdered rhino horn “works for her,” then says she never knew she was using it. — Global Animal

The Huffington Post

Elle Macpherson has told the Times Of London that she eats powdered rhinoceros horn:

Witter: You’re said to be a great fan of Chinese medicine. What does powdered rhino horn taste like?

E MacP: A little bit like crushed bone and fungus in a capsule. Does the job though.

Witter: How do you know that it works? A lot of people say Chinese medicine is quackery.

E MacP: Put it this way, works for me.

Some think rhino horn can reduce fever, detect poison and act as an aphrodisiac. However, according to preservation site Mongabay.com, “rhino horn has no curative properties.” In fact, the rhino slowly dies after the horn is removed and four of its five species are endangered.

That, and it’s pricey. Powdered rhino horn goes for $60,000 per kilo.

Update: Commenter Chaling points out that Macpherson has already apologized for her comments, saying she has “never knowingly consumed or encouraged the use or consumption of any products which contain material derived from endangered species” and she regrets “any distress or offense that her banter with an interviewer might have caused.”