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PETA India Pushes Ban On Animal Testing

(ANIMAL WELFARE/COSMETIC ANIMAL TESTING) PETA India is launching an online campaigned aimed at the Indian Beauty & Hygiene Association (IBHA) as well as its small group of members consisting of cosmetic brands such as: L’Oréal and Procter & Gamble, to put a definite end to animal testing. Cosmetic animal testing has been banned in India since May 2014 and a ban on importing products that test on animals is still pending. PETA’s initiative follows numerous meetings with the IBHA where they stated that although there currently is a ban on animal testing in India, they’re in favor of weakening the law in order to continue to test cosmetics in India and import cosmetics from companies that test on animals. Continue reading to find out more about PETA’s initiative. — Global Animal

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Manchester Dogs' Home was established in 1893. Photo credit: Ecorazzi

Top Dog Simon Cowell: A Manchester Dogs’ Home Hero

(CELEBRITY NEWS/ANIMAL SHELTERS/ACTIVISM) Former American Idol judge Simon Cowell has donated over $40,000 to the Manchester Dogs’ Home animal shelter after it tragically burned down from a fire on September 11. The fire, likely caused by arson, killed over 60 dogs. Cowell’s extreme act of kindness will help rebuild the animal shelter, and Cowell is determined to bring justice to the tragedy. Read on to learn more about how Simon Cowell plans to help save the Manchester Dogs’ Home. —Global Animal

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Critics of dolphin hunting claim that there is not enough of a demand for dolphin meat. Photo credit: Gregorio B. Dantes Jr.

Dolphin-Killing Season: This Slaughter Must Stop!

(OCEANS/TAIJI DOLPHINS) Taiji, Japan’s six-month-long dolphin slaughter, where over 20,000 dolphins are corralled into a cove and killed each year, is now underway. Critics recognize the cruelty of this gruesome practice, and are working to dolphin hunting in Japan once and for all. Read on to learn more about Taiji dolphin hunting season, and how you can help save thousands of dolphins from slaughter. — Global Animal

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The court in India feels that animal sacrifice should no longer be practiced in the modern era. Photo credit: Piyal Adhikary/EPA

An Act Of Faith? India’s Sacrifice Saves Animals

(ANIMAL  CRUELTY/ANIMAL WELFARE) Animal sacrifice has been a part of religious practices throughout history, and usually involves the cruel and merciless treatment of innocent animals. A region in Northern India, which has banned animal sacrifice for religious purposes in Hindu Temples, is taking steps to create a more humane environment for animals around the globe. Read on to learn about […]

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(VEGAN/VEGETARIAN RECIPES) Enjoy this green pizza full of vegetables.

Elana’s Meat-Free Monday: Green Pizza

(VEGAN/VEGETARIAN RECIPES) This cheeseless pizza is topped with green veggies and a delicious vegan pesto.You can make the dough from scratch using the recipe here, or to save time, buy a pre-made pizza crust. Serve a slice with a side of marinara for dipping! — Global Animal

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PETA is calling for orca whales to be placed in large-scale ocean sanctuaries. Photo Credit: Chris Gotshall/AP Photo

Bigger Tanks Do Not Mean Better Homes For SeaWorld Whales

(SEAWORLD/WHALES/CAPTIVE ORCAS) In response to the criticism SeaWorld received after the release of the documentary film, Blackfish, SeaWorld San Diego announced its plans to expand the park’s orca whale enclosures. The new orca environment will double in its size— spanning 50 feet deep and 350 feet in length. However, animal activists argue that enlarging the orca enclosures will do very little to improve orca health. When not in captivity, orca whales enjoy swimming as deep as 1,000 feet into the ocean. Therefore, an enclosure that is merely 50 feet deep would still not provide the whales with a proper environment. Read on to learn about why these intelligent creatures deserve lives free from captivity. — Global Animal

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New iPhone App For Wildlife Emergencies

(ANIMAL ACTIVISM/WILDLIFE) Animal Watch, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping animals, created a new iPhone and Android app that caters to protecting wildlife. The app, called Animal Help Now, allows for people to connect with animal professionals who can help in emergency animal-related situations. Whether you encounter a sick bird, or hope to save a wounded deer, Animal Help Now can assist you. Read on to learn more about Animal Help Now, and how helping animals is only a tap/click away. — Global Animal

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Crystal the capuchin monkey and Robin Williams smiling on the set of Night at the Museum. Photo credit:

Remembering Animal Lover Robin Williams

(ANIMAL LOVERS/CELEBRITIES) CALIFORNIA — Actor and comedian Robin Williams passed away on Monday due to an apparent suicide. Although many remember him for his infectious sense of humor and his starring roles in many classic films, Williams was also an avid animal lover and animal rights activist. Williams enjoyed spending time with his animal coworkers on set, as well as hanging out with his own pets at home. While filming The Crazy Ones, Williams had the chance to work with a baby duck, and on the set of Night at the Museum, he befriended a capuchin monkey. — Global Animal

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