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PETA is calling for orca whales to be placed in large-scale ocean sanctuaries. Photo Credit: Chris Gotshall/AP Photo

Bigger Tanks Do Not Mean Better Homes For SeaWorld Whales

(SEAWORLD/WHALES/CAPTIVE ORCAS) In response to the criticism SeaWorld received after the release of the documentary film, Blackfish, SeaWorld San Diego announced its plans to expand the park’s orca whale enclosures. The new orca environment will double in its size— spanning 50 feet deep and 350 feet in length. However, animal activists argue that enlarging the orca enclosures will do very little to improve orca health. When not in captivity, orca whales enjoy swimming as deep as 1,000 feet into the ocean. Therefore, an enclosure that is merely 50 feet deep would still not provide the whales with a proper environment. Read on to learn about why these intelligent creatures deserve lives free from captivity. — Global Animal

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New iPhone App For Wildlife Emergencies

(ANIMAL ACTIVISM/WILDLIFE) Animal Watch, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping animals, created a new iPhone and Android app that caters to protecting wildlife. The app, called Animal Help Now, allows for people to connect with animal professionals who can help in emergency animal-related situations. Whether you encounter a sick bird, or hope to save a wounded deer, Animal Help Now can assist you. Read on to learn more about Animal Help Now, and how helping animals is only a tap/click away. — Global Animal

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Crystal the capuchin monkey and Robin Williams smiling on the set of Night at the Museum. Photo credit:

Remembering Animal Lover Robin Williams

(ANIMAL LOVERS/CELEBRITIES) CALIFORNIA — Actor and comedian Robin Williams passed away on Monday due to an apparent suicide. Although many remember him for his infectious sense of humor and his starring roles in many classic films, Williams was also an avid animal lover and animal rights activist. Williams enjoyed spending time with his animal coworkers on set, as well as hanging out with his own pets at home. While filming The Crazy Ones, Williams had the chance to work with a baby duck, and on the set of Night at the Museum, he befriended a capuchin monkey. — Global Animal

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Turn That Fish Frown Upside Down

(PETS/FISH/PET CARE) How can you tell if your aquarium is a happy home for your pet fish? A recent study suggests that most fish in tanks are giving off more negative vibes than positive ones. The study looks at how tank size and the complexity of the environment can either reduce or increase aggression in fish. Read on for tips on how to help keep your underwater friends friendly. — Global Animal

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The Well-Intentioned Eater: Cruelty-Free Summer Skin

(ANIMAL TESTING/COSMETIC TESTING) During the summer, there are three things I’m never without when I venture outside: my sunglasses, sunscreen, and a fake tan. For me, shorts and sleeveless shirts look so much nicer when my arms and legs are tanned. When I was younger I always had a great tan the old fashioned way, but now that I’m older and a bit wiser, I know better. A golden tan is definitely not worth the risk of skin cancer which is now the single most common form of cancer in America. Nearly five million people are treated each year. The United States surgeon general even issued a skin-cancer warning this week. But I have to admit, it’s not all about my health. Lets face it, even though I love elephants I certainly don’t want my skin looking like one. — Global Animal

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Arturo is the mascot of the Mendoza Zoo. Photo credit:

Zoo Freezes Plans To Move “World’s Saddest” Polar Bear

(POLAR BEARS/ZOOS/ANIMAL WELFARE) ARGENTINA — Zoo directors at Mendoza Zoo in Argentina refuse to transport Arturo, a 900 pound polar bear, to a more accommodating and spacious enclosure in Canada. Arturo currently lives alone in a concrete enclosure with only a 20-inch-deep pool which he uses to cool himself. Since temperatures in Mendoza can reach up to 86 degrees in the summer months, this habitat is hardly suitable to a polar bear’s needs. — Global Animal

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Photographer Shows Compawssion For The Underdog

(ANIMAL ACTIVISM/RESCUE DOGS) According to the ASPCA, approximately 5 to 7 million pets enter animal shelters nationwide every year, and approximately 3 to 4 million are euthanized—that’s one every six and a half seconds. In addition, millions more are abandoned, only to suffer from illness or injury before their untimely death. However, many are fighting to change these statistics. One is photographer Frank Bruynbroek, who dedicated 15 years of his life into the creation of Compawssion: Portraits of Rescued Dogs. The touching collection of black and white, film portraits of rescued dogs shows audiences what it means to be a dog who has been abandoned and then rescued. — Global Animal

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Raju Gets A Girlfriend: An Elephant Love Story

(ANIMAL RESCUE/ELEPHANTS) Raju has a girlfriend. The elephant who became a social media darling for his tears of joy after being rescued from a lifetime of horrific abuse is finally enjoying life. The five-and-a-half ton animal is safely residing in the Elephant Conservation and Care Centre in Northern India, wheree he’s feasting on fruits and biscuits, being treated for his wounds, and hanging out with Phoolkali, a female elephant who had been saved from death just two years earlier. After 50 years of chains and shackles, torturous beatings and consuming plastic and paper to survive, the majestic creature can now live in peace thanks to a team from Wildlife SOS, a North London-based charity. When he’s fully recovered Raju will spend the rest of his days in a safe compound free from pain and suffering. Read below to learn more about Raju and Wildlife SOS’s daring and emotional midnight rescue. — Global Animal

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