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Handsome One an elderly Thoroughbred Horse

The Beauty In Growing Old (GALLERY)

(PETS/FARM ANIMALS/ANIMAL PICTURES) After spending a year caring for her mother who suffers from dementia, photographer Isa Leshko decided to confront her own mortality and fears of old age by photographing elderly animals. Leshko’s pictures are reminders of the dignity and beauty that accompany growing old. The humbling photographs inspire empathy towards farm animals who, […]

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Los Angeles City Council banned the use of bullhooks in circuses on Wednesday.

California: Let’s Make Bullhooks A Thing Of The Past!

(CIRCUSES/ELEPHANTS) Since Ringing Bros. Circus announced their plan to phase out all performing elephants by 2018, a chain reaction of humane decisions for circus elephants has gone into effect. Most recently, California state Senator Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) has introduced SB 716, a new bill that would prohibit the use of bullhooks on elephants in […]

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Cruelty Free International works solely on banning animal testing around the world. Photo credit:

New Zealand’s New Ban On Cruelty

(COSMETIC ANIMAL TESTING) In response to heavy campaigning from animal rights groups and the Green Party to end animal testing for cosmetics, New Zealand is now the latest country to ban the cruel practice. Greens MP Mojo Mathers, who worked toward passing the ban, said it would not have been possible without public pressure from […]

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This Spring fruit salad recipe has a sweet lime syrup. (VEGAN/VEGETARIAN RECIPES)

Elana’s Meat-Free Monday: Spring Fruit Salad

(VEGAN/VEGETARIAN RECIPES) Spring is here and many mouthwatering fruits are now in season. You can try some of the tastiest spring fruits in this recipe for fruit salad. This recipe features a simple sweet lime syrup. Sweet limes are native to India and,  as the name suggests, are a sweet citrus fruit. If you cannot locate […]

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Vegan Chocolate Bunny - a compassionate Easter treat!

Easter Bunnies: Stick To The Candy Version

(EASTER BUNNIES) Rabbits bought as Easter gifts cause problems for animal shelters across the nation. After dogs and cats, they are most often surrendered to shelters especially after this spring holiday. Bunnies can live up to ten years, need veterinary care, fresh vegetables, and toys. Many people are not aware rabbits require as much care […]

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There is evidence that someone behind these experiments intentionally left out committee members who were opposed to testing the monkeys. Photo credit:

Wisconisin Monkey Experiments Swept Under The Rug?

(ANIMAL TESTING/ANIMAL CRUELTY) Cruel experiments involving newborn monkeys at the University of Wisconsin are on the verge of being “swept under the rug” indefinitely, in result of a new piece of legislation that is currently in the process of being approved. The proposed amendment to Governor Scott Walker’s budget bill would legally permit the university […]

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SeaWorld has decided to end its captive dolphin feeding program.

SeaWorld Reels In Dolphin Feeding Program

(SEAWORLD/CAPTIVE DOLPHINS) SeaWorld recently announced its visitors will no longer be given the opportunity to hand-feed fish to captive dolphins in response to backlash after an unsuspecting child was bitten by one of the park’s dolphins in 2012. — Global Animal

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Ringling Brothers

Ringling Bros. Makes Elephant-Sized Decision

(CIRCUS ELEPHANTS/ANIMAL WELFARE) Today, America’s best-known circus Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey announced plans to phase out elephants from its performances by 2018. With consumers now so alert to animal welfare issues, the circus’ parent company, Feld Entertainment, made the shocking decision in response to mounting public pressure and constantly changing regulations involving “anti-circus” […]

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