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China Southern Airlines Fined For Monkey Business


(PRIMATE TESTING/ANIMAL WELFARE) China Southern Airlines has been fined for violations of the Animal Welfare Act. The airline transported over 1,300 monkeys into the United States without a license, giving the USDA the authority to fine them $11,600.The airline was also fined once before for the deaths of 17 primates while importing them into Los Angeles in 2011.Animal rights activists are unhappy with the small fine, calling for more action to finally put an end to the transport of these animals for experimentation. Read on for more on China Southern’s cruelty and sign the petition urging them to stop transporting primates. — Global Animal


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Hop Into Spring With Cruelty-Free Cleaning Products

(ANIMAL WELFARE/ANIMAL TESTING) Spring has finally sprung, and what better time to go cruelty-free? Cruelty Free International is asking consumers to look out for the Leaping Bunny logo before buying household products this spring. When you’re prepping for spring cleaning this season, be sure to buy products that don’t test on animals, as indicated by the reputable Leaping Bunny logo. Cruelty Free International is also calling to put an end to animal testing for household products. Continue reading below to learn more about Leaping Bunny, and don’t forget to sign the petition to help stop inhumane animal experimentation. — Global Animal

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California’s Anti-SeaWorld Bill Stalled

(SEAWORLD/ANIMAL WELFARE) In Tuesday’s hearing, the California bill seeking to put an end to captive orca performances at SeaWorld San Diego was put on hold. Inspired by the documentary Blackfish, AB2140 would ban the export, import, and breeding of killer whales and would also require SeaWorld San Diego to relocate their 10 captive killer whales into larger sea pens. Despite being signed by 1.2 million people, the bill was stalled after lawmakers felt they did not have enough information to make a cohesive decision. AB2140 is now considered dead for the next year and cannot be picked up again until mid-2015. Read on to find out more about the potentially-landmark bill and SeaWorld’s reaction, and sign the petition urging SeaWorld to release their orcas and dolphins to ocean sanctuaries. — Global Animal

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Odds Stacked Against Animals In Research Facilities

(ANIMAL TESTING/ANIMAL RESEARCH) With help from the University of California, San Diego, PETA recently found that the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees’ (IACUC) board is dominated by animal researchers. To make matters worse, the board is more inclined to mercilessly use animals for experiments rather than resort to more efficient, humane alternatives to animal testing. The shocking IACUC roster currently shows that over 60 percent of the 25 largest institutional recipients of National Institutes of Health (NIH) funds are using animals for research experiments. Continue reading below to learn more about PETA’s discovery and take the cruelty-free pledge. — Global Animal

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Research Lab In The Doghouse For Brutal Beagle Testing

(ANIMAL TESTING/DOGS) An undercover investigation conducted by the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) found UK lab MSD Animal Health using beagle puppies for cruel animal testing. Thanks to their investigation, a BUAV worker was able to convince the inhumane research lab to release two of its breeding beagles and one of their puppies. However, this was just a small victory, as the investigation also showed that almost 100 dogs were killed in the facility, and the ones remaining were taken from their mothers and will face “certain death.” Read on to find out more about the BUAV’s findings at MSD Animal Health, and sign the petition to help put an end to their cruelty. — Global Animal

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It’s Time To Throw The Cruel Copenhagen Zoo To The Lions

(ANIMAL CRUELTY/ZOOS) DENMARK — The Danish zoo that received heavy criticism in response to it’s decision to euthanize a healthy giraffe, Marius, is at it again. On Monday, the Copenhagen Zoo killed four lions, including two 10-month-old cubs, to make room for a new male lion. The four lions, all from the same family, were put down after the zoo failed to find a new home for them. A spokesman for the Copenhagen Zoo, Tobias Stenbaek Bro, said the zoo tried to place them elsewhere, “but unfortunately there wasn’t any interest.” The new lion is about three-years-old and was brought from Givskud Zoo, also in Denmark. In a few days he will be introduced to the remaining two 18-month-old female lions who have reached breeding age. — Global Animal

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Do Your Part: Help Ban Canadian Animal Testing

(ANIMAL TESTING/ANIMAL CRUELTY) Cruelty Free International needs your help to ban animal testing in Canada once and for all. The global organization has created a new petition that outlines the cruelties of animal testing while offering humane alternatives. These alternatives to cosmetic animal testing are not only more effective, but also less expensive. The petition has gained the approval of the Clerk of Petitions, and after receiving hand signatures from 25 Canadian citizens, it will be sent to the House of Commons. Continue reading for more on how you can help Cruelty Free International ban Canadian animal testing for good. — Global Animal

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China Southern Airlines Ends Monkey Cruelty

(ANIMAL TESTING/MONKEYS) China Southern Airlines is discontinuing the shipment of monkeys and other primates to labs in the United States. The ban went into effect on March 21 and animal advocates everywhere are rejoicing. Animal rights organizations like PETA have campaigned against China Southern and other airlines to end the shipment of animals to labs where they are confined and subjected to cruel experimentation. — Global Animal

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