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  1. Dingingly Courtshire
    May 13, 2013

    This is a very true article and indeed I was very sick. I am just getting over bilateral pneumonia and my little one (he is emotional,and knows immediately when I am sad or scared or sick). He kept sniffing up my nose and he could smell my lungs through my nostrils an he has been teary eyes, he snuggles against me, and sometimes he avoids me; our 2nd baby is more agressive and has had nightmare and was growling the night before I became very ill. He was also very angry with the company we have been keeping and the 2nd aggressive one leaves potty where ever they were comfortable sitting and never does this to us when we are just alone with them. When I returned from the hospital, the agressive one has been smilig anf snuggling up to me and the emotionally clever one has been sniffing up my nostrils and staring at me with teary eyes and goes back and forth as if he isn’t sure to lay next to me. I see his love, bit he appears scared and this scares me. Thisis my first night of my antibiotics and he is acting a bit more relaxed, but yes, go ot the doctor immediately. The more loyal they are, the more they wlll protect you from the inside out. No joke!

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