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Photo: Robert Beck/SI

Compawssion Triumphs At The Sochi Olympics (GALLERY)

(ACTIVISM/DOG RESCUE) Some of the more heartwarming stories to take place during the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics involved the many athletes and activists who showed their compassion and kindness towards the region’s stray dogs. After reports surfaced that the city planned to kill thousands of strays, activists and dog lovers took to the streets to save […]

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American Olympic athletes wanting to rescue one of the hundreds of stray dogs abandoned on the streets of Sochi are facing obstacles, a slower vaccination process and piles of paper work./Photo credit:

Sochi Strays, The Perfect Souvenir

(CELEBRITIES/DOG RESCUE) American silver-medal winner Gus Kenworthy isn’t the only Team USA athlete going home with a new furry friend from the 2014 Olympic Games. Olympic hockey player David Backes is also hoping to help Sochi’s stray dogs while snowboarder Lindsey Jacobellis has plans to adopt a little pup of her own. Like Kenworthy, Jacobellis […]

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The Sochi government is reportedly having thousands of stray dogs and cats killed to clean up the city for the upcoming Winter Olympics /Photo credit: Peter Akman, CTV News

Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Sochi Stop Killing Strays!

(CATS AND DOGS/ANIMAL WELFARE) The Sochi Winter Olympics is less than one week away, but as the excitement and pride for our Olympic athletes builds, many of Russia’s weaker and more vulnerable residents are being brutalized and killed. Each year thousands of dogs and cats are reportedly being shot, poisoned, stabbed, and even beaten to […]

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Persian Leopard Cubs

Ultra-Rare Endangered Species Back After Half-Century

(ENDANGERED SPECIES) For the first time in 50 years, two Persian leopard cubs were born in a Russian national park in a major effort to reintroduce the endangered species back to the wild. Once a breed that heavily populated southwest Russia, poaching and habitat lost has landed this big cat on the endangered species list, with […]

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<p>Valentino Bontempi prepares horse meat dishes in a variety of ways at his Moscow restaurant, including raw, pictured, as carpaccio, and filet grilled on coals. Photo credit: James Hill/NYT</p>

Russia’s Horse Meat Following

(HORSES) MOSCOW — Amidst the widening debate involving the slaughter and human consumption of horse meat in the UK and abroad, an Italian chef named Valentino Bontempi focuses his anger toward the use of horse meat in a somewhat controversial manner. His outrage is not that of humane concern for horses, but rather a callous […]

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<p>Photo credit:</p>

Travel Savvy Animals Use Public Transportation

(SMART ANIMALS) Everyday hundreds of passengers get on the Moscow Metro. The surprising part is that many of them are dogs. The strays are seeking shelter, warmth, and food. Most homeless dogs in Russia, around 35,000, keep away from people. But others have figured out ways of how to best navigate the city to their advantage. […]

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disabled dog

Charity Event Finds Dogs & Cats New Homes (GALLERY)

(ANIMAL ADOPTION PHOTOS) EASTERN EUROPE — The largest city and capital of Belarus, Minsk, recently held a successful charity event in support of abandoned dogs and cats in the area. The Public Association for Animal Protection organized the event in the hope of pairing these adorable homeless animals with devoted families. Many of the dogs, though […]

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<p>Photo Credit: FEROP</p>

White Russian Killer Whale (VIDEO)

(ANIMAL NEWS) RUSSIA — Researchers in the Far East Russia Orca Project have discovered the worlds only known all-white male orca. The footage released of “Iceberg,” named for the way the white dorsal fin looks coming up out of the water, shows the mammal swimming with his pod off Russia’s Commander Islands in the Bering Sea. The researchers announced […]

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<p>Russian officials feeding the endangered pelicans forced to relocate due to the frozen Caspian Sea.  Photo Credit: Sergei Rasulov/AP</p>

Endangered Pelicans Stranded In Frozen Sea

(ANIMAL NEWS) RUSSIA — With the Caspian Sea freezing for the first time in years, hundreds of endangered and starving Dalmation pelicans are sharing a rare small patch of unfrozen water in Makhachkala, Russia. The Nature Protection Ministry has partnered with local lawmakers to provide the pelicans with food until they can hunt on their […]

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<p>A young beluga whale pokes its head out of the waters of the White Sea near the Solovetsky Islands in 2008. Photo Credit: CNN</p>

UPDATE: Beluga Whale Rescue Suspened By Bad Weather

(ANIMAL RESCUE) The rescue mission to save the nearly 100 beluga whales trapped by ice near Russia’s Chukotka Peninsula since December 13, 2011 has been put on hold due to dangerous weather. It’s not all bad news however — while food is limited, experts from the Chukotka Fishery Research Center say the whales have enough […]

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<p>A young beluga whale pokes its head out of the waters of the White Sea near the Solovetsky Islands in 2008. Photo Credit: CNN</p>

Beluga Whales Trapped In Ice

(ANIMAL NEWS) RUSSIA — In the Sinyavinsky Strait off the Bering Sea, more than 100 beluga whales have become trapped in a prison of ice. As the ice increases and the food becomes scarce, these whales risk suffocation and starvation. Read on for more about the plight of these whales, and what is being done to […]

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<p>Zhen Da, a Panda born at Chengdu Panda Breeding Center. Photo Credit:</p>

Best Animal Tourism Spots In Asia

(WILDLIFE ADVENTURE TOURISM) Vacationing in Asia? Whether you want to stay in the city or  visit remote religious sites, Asia has a lot to offer the animal lover. Before you book plane tickets, check out this list of the best places to see and learn about the diverse animals in the wild and in sanctuaries […]

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<p>The pair of grizzly cubs play happily with one another in their new new home, built especially for cubs. Photo Credit: The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo</p>

Orphaned Grizzly Cubs Find New Home

(BABY ANIMAL PICTURES) OHIO — Two orphaned grizzly bear cubs have found a new home at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. The Montana-native bears lost their mother when she was shot in self-defense by a deer hunter. — Global Animal

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Dogs on Moscow Metro Subway

Dogs Master Moscow’s Subway (GALLERY)

RUSSIA (ANIMAL INTELLIGENCE) In Moscow, 35,000 stray dogs actively use the subway to move around the Russian city. With few means of survival, Moscow’s stray dogs have hit the streets – and the transit system – in search of sustenance. In addition to occupying subway lines, these dogs have also developed personalized techniques to cajole […]

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