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<p>Taiji protestors in Manila, Philippines</p>

Dolphin Lovers Unite On Dolphin Day (PHOTOS)

(DOLPHIN DAY/TAIJI SLAUGHTER) — In response to the start of the Taiji dolphin-hunting season yesterday, citizens across the world stood up and voiced their outcries over the annual dolphin slaughter at more than 40 Japanese embassies and consulates. September 1 marks the beginning of the dolphin hunt; the date also marks Dolphin Day. While Dolphin Day […]

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Dolphin meat contains dangerous levels of mercury. Photo credit: The Cove

Meeting At The Cove Fails Activists And Dolphins Alike

TAIJI, JAPAN – Ric O’Barry and other activists set to meet with the mayor of Taiji met nothing but ‘a sham’ according to O’ Barry, who boycotted the meeting after finding that all of his questions would be censored. Representatives from Sea Shepherd, the Whaleman Foundation and the World Ocean Fund were at the meeting, […]

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