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<p>Try this avocado and tangerine salad with jalapeno vinaigrette today! Photo Credit: Bon Appetit</p>

Meat-Free Monday: 4th Of July Style

(MEATLESS MONDAYS/VEGAN RECIPES) Have an animal-friendly 4th of July with this fun and festive vegan recipe! Bursting with fireworks of flavor, this avocado and tangerine salad with homemade jalapeño vinaigrette will make the perfect addition to any Independence Day celebration. So, grab your sparklers and salad tongs, and try this party on your plate today! […]

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<p>Photo credit: Jennifer McCann</p>

Meat-Free Monday: Mini Veggie Burgers

(MEATLESS MONDAYS/VEGAN RECIPES) Celebrate this week’s Meat-Free Mondays Challenge with these gluten-free, veggie mini burgers. It’s the perfect meal to start the week off right! These miniature morsels will have you looking forward to every Monday. Happy eating! — Global Animal

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The San Diego Humane Society is caring for 30 dogs and puppies rescued this week from a Korean dog meat farm. Photo Credit: Facebook via San Diego Humane Society

30 Dogs Rescued From Certain Death At South Korean Meat Farm

(ANIMAL RESCUE/DOG MEAT TRADE) Thirty dogs and puppies raised for slaughter were recently rescued from a South Korean meat farm thanks to a program sponsored by Humane Society International. The animals–ranging from six months to two years old–had been living in crowded, filthy cages, and were subjected to daily cruelty and severe neglect. Now, they […]

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<p>A delicious serving of quinoa salad. Photo Credit: Closet Cooking</p>

Meat-Free Monday: Zesty Quinoa Salad

(MEATLESS MONDAYS/VEGAN RECIPES) Quinoa is all the rage in the vegan world right now, and countless chefs are using the grain-like crop in very creative and innovative ways. This zesty quinoa salad is the perfect mix of cherry tomatoes, black beans, quinoa, cumin, and red pepper flakes. So, kickoff your summer with a bang, and […]

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Thomas Gafaro and Vini Chitharanjan, both 8-year-old third graders at P.S. 244 in Flushing, say they like the school's vegetarian lunch offerings, such as the veggie quesadillas. Photo credit: NY Daily News, Aaron Showalter

Students Vegging Out In School

(VEGETARIAN/GREEN) Just say no! To sloppy joes and chicken nuggets, that is! This is what students in Queens,New York are doing since their school decided the carnivorous options their city provided weren’t healthy enough. Public School 244 in Flushing is now serving vegetarian-only foods like roasted tofu and braised black beans, and the kids are […]

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Salmonella contaminates Foster Farms chicken, making many people sick in the U.S.

Salmonella Surprise; Chicken Doesn’t Check Out

(HEALTH/OP-ED) With the recent outbreak of salmonella making its way across the United States, meat eaters are seriously considering putting down the chicken. Reports say more than 300 people have become ill from the bacteria, but experts at the Centers for Disease Control believe the numbers are much greater. Unsurprisingly, very little has been done to […]

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Street artist Banksy makes artwork in New York City to combat factory farming, and animal cruelty.

Banksy Brings Animal Awareness To New York

(ACTIVISM/CULTURE) No stranger to communicating social issues through art, the pseudonymous England-based graffiti artist known as Banksy’s latest installation is an oddly haunting criticism of factory farming and farm animal cruelty in general. The infamous yet renowned painter-political activist’s piece consists of a mobile truck packed with stuffed animals that let out wailing animal sounds. Read […]

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<p>Testers tasted this lab grown beef patty today in London. Photo Credit: Cultured Beef</p>

Where’s the Beef? Scientists Serve up Lab-grown Burger

(ANIMAL SCIENCE) LONDON — On Monday, scientist Mark Post introduced taste testers to a hamburger patty grown entirely in the lab. This alternative to farm-raised beef has animal rights activists and environmentalists talking. But the big question is whether vegans and vegetarians are interested in this alternative or if the new meat source will end […]

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<p>Photo Credit: Shuttershock</p>

Judge Holds The Reins On Horse Slaughter

(POLITICS) In a move stopping what would have been the first horse slaughterhouse plants in the U.S. in nearly seven years, a federal judge has halted plans for a New Mexico company and an Iowa company to open their facilities on Monday. Naturally, there are proponents on both sides of the argument, but opposing groups […]

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<p>The Someone Project hopes to get people thinking the same way about cows and pigs, as they do about cats and dogs. Photo Credit: Amy Sancetta</p>

The Someone Project Warns, ‘Think Before You Eat’

(ACTIVISM) Dolphins, dogs, and cats are widely regarded as highly intelligent animals, and garner an abundance of compassion from humans all over the world. However, because other animals don’t have the same luxuries as some of these favored species, the animal-protection and vegan-advocacy organization, Farm Sanctuary, is promoting the intelligence of farm animals, and other […]

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<p>The multi-controversial chef has been fired by a number of companies, and most recently her agent. Photo Credit: The Food Network</p>

Protesting Paula: Unhealthy Chef In Deen-ial

(CELEBRITY NEWS) In the wake of Paula Deen’s most recent controversy, it’d be difficult to find a company or sponsor that hasn’t abandoned the celebrity chef. Target, Walgreens, Sears, The Food Network, none of them seem to like what Deen’s been cooking as of late, and it may only be a matter of time before […]

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<p>Dogs in Beijing are currently public enemy number one, sending their companions into a state of panic. Photo Credit: The New York Times </p>

Beijing’s Pooch Police State

(ANIMAL RIGHTS) BEIJING — Either the crime rate in Beijing, China is at an alarmingly new low, or the city’s local officials need to reassess their priorities. Dog lovers of Beijing are living in a constant state of fear for their furry companions. The city’s police claim they are just confiscating dogs taller than 13.7 […]

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<p>Yulin, China's dog meat festival plans to proceed amidst heavy opposition. Photo Credit: Ian Somerhalder Foundation  </p>

Chinese Tradition Or Travesty?

(CULTURE) CHINA — Some people believe the residents of Yulin, China are just holding firmly to their traditions, but others would call them “barking mad.” The city of Yulin is home to a festival that celebrates the consumption of dog meat, an antique practice celebrated by its residents during the summer solstice. Unsurprisingly, the festival […]

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