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<p>Stallone still loved human cuddles, even after all he went through. Photo credit: Youtube</p>

Face Of Dogfighting: Stallone’s Story (VIDEO)

(ANIMAL WELFARE) GOP Representative Steve King recently announced that he believes dog fighting should be legal. Thankfully, the Humane Society reminds us why King’s statement is so horrific and wrong. The animal welfare organization helps us get a closer look at the sad realities of the dog fighting world through a memorable and touching video. The […]

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<p>Photo Credit: Discovery Channel</p>

Does The Legendary Shark Week Deceive You?

(SHARK NEWS) Over the years, Discovery Channel’s Shark Week has gained millions of viewers and even stretched across seas. Most tune in for the thrill, but animal activists are worried if this negatively depicts our fish while straying from the terrible reality that humans kill tens of millions of sharks per year. Humans are rarely threatened by […]

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<p>Rowdy Shaw with a great Dane rescued in Texas. Photo Credit: Scott Dalton</p>

500 Dogs Rescued From “Refuge”

(ANIMAL RESCUE) TEXAS/PENNSYLVANIA — Last week the Humane Society of the United States rescued 500 dogs from dire circumstances. 300 were rescued from a so-called refuge in Texas that harbored mostly pit bulls, after a former employee came forward when 38 dogs died from heat exposure in just one day. The other 200 were rescued from […]

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Click here to watch the shocking PETA video and sign a petition urging the Chinese government to stop this cruel practice.

Humane Society Unveils New AKC Puppy Mill Connection

(PUPPY MILLS) A new report released by the Humane Society brings to light more abuse of AKC-registered dogs at puppy mills and new shocking information about the organization. Numerous puppy-mill operators at facilities that passed AKC inspection have been charged with animal cruelty. The HSUS also found that in 2012 alone, the AKC asked its […]

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<p>Dan Tichenor poses with his two Plott Hound hunting dogs in Castro Valley.  Photo Credit: Aric Crabb/Santa Cruz Sentinel Staff</p>

New Bill Hopes To Ban Hound Hunting

(ANIMAL LEGISLATION) Senator Ted Lieu’s legislation outlawing hound hunting in California is quickly moving forward. If approved, the bill will specifically prohibit the use of dog packs to hunt bears and bobcats within the state. Hundreds of hunters and animal activists attended an important hearing in April, where both sides brought conflicting testimonies about the […]

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<p>Photo Credit: L.A Times</p>

Online Dog Breeder Fails To Breed Happy Customers

(ANIMAL NEWS) Purebred Breeders LLC, one of the leading online dog sellers, is tackling a lawsuit from its outraged buyers. Customers claim the company knowingly misled them into buying sick or injured dogs, and argue the business fails to adhere to consumer protection laws. The USDA has since stepped in and presented a new regulation requiring […]

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I Will Be Saved Puppy Mill PSA

‘I Will Be Saved’ Anti-Puppy Mill PSA

(PUPPY MILLS) Anti-puppy mill advocate Jennifer Peterson wrote, directed and co-produced a striking new public service announcement for the Humane Society’s “Why Puppy Mills Stink” competition. The video, which won the Humane Society’s People’s Choice Award, showcases dirty children behind a chain link fence, representing the 1.5 million dogs that are bred in horrible, filthy conditions for pet stores. — […]

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<p>Dr. Clem Dussault of the Office of Inspector General and veterinarian Angie Lingl investigate for evidence of soring at the stables of well-known Tennessee walking horse trainer Jackie McConnell in Fayette County, Tenn. The undercover investigation led to felony criminal indictments against McConnell, for multiple violations of the federal Horse Protection Act. Photo credit: Humane Society for the United States</p>

Tennessee Horse Show Fails Pepsi Challenge

(ANIMAL ABUSE) Pepsi, the iconic soda brand, will no longer sponsor the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration due to horrific horse abuse that surfaced in a video last week. The video, given to ABC News from the Humane Society of the United States, displays trainers openly beating a horse over the head, and the abusive […]

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Humane Society Video

Unscrambling The Truth Behind Egg Farming

(FACTORY FARMING) The Humane Society of the United States released a new undercover video today that looks into the abhorrent conditions at Kreider Farms, a battery cage egg production facility in Pennsylvania. Nicholas Kristof, who recently wrote on arsenic found in chickens, reviewed the footage for an opinion piece in the New York Times. With chickens crammed […]

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<p>The Humane Society has proposed a more animal-friendly way to manage the burro population. Photo credit: Kathy Milani/The HSUS</p>

Humane Society Helps Department Save Burros

(POLITICS) TEXAS — The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has recently suspended its practice of shooting feral burros as a means of population control. With help from the Humane Society, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department will hopefully be able to implement a more animal-friendly policy. Read on to learn more about the nonlethal proposal. […]

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<p>More dogs who fell victim to North Carolina's lack of humane breeding laws. Photo Credit: Humane Society of the United States of America</p>

More Dogs Rescued in North Carolina (VIDEO)

(PUPPY MILLS) NORTH CAROLINA — Once again, the Humane Society of the United States had to intervene at a North Carolina puppy mill. Eighty small dogs and puppies were found in Jones County, living on top of each other in filthy conditions with no veterinary care. Situations like this tend to be a recurring issue […]

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Photo Credit: HBO

Horse Tragedy Or Low Ratings? HBO Cancels Luck

(TV ANIMALS) Three horses died during the HBO filming of the TV show Luck, but do we know the whole story? Buzz Bissinger dives into the horse tragedy taking on Luck’s writer and director team David Milch and Michael Mann, as well as HBO. The show may not have been cancelled for the death of three horses, but instead […]

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Humane alternatives to animal cosmetic testing already exist. Photo Credit: China Photos/Getty Images

L’Oréal, EPA Partnership Good For Animals

(ANIMAL TESTING) The L’Oréal Group is teaming up with the Environmental Protection Agency to find non-animal methods of testing cosmetics. Cruel and inefficient, it is urgent to find more effective ways to test for safety. Hopefully Covergirl, and other brands that test on animals, will follow suit. Read on to for more on this awesome […]

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<p>Photo credit: Rob Varela</p>

San Nicolas Island Free Of Feral Cats

(ANIMAL NEWS) CALIFORNIA — San Nicolas island has accomplished a great achievement as the largest island in the world to remove feral cats without using poison. The island’s invasive species diminished native animal populations like Brandt’s cormorants and Western gulls. The cats also killed the federally threatened island night lizard, and were making it hard for the island fox, a […]

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