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<p>The Someone Project hopes to get people thinking the same way about cows and pigs, as they do about cats and dogs. Photo Credit: Amy Sancetta</p>

The Someone Project Warns, ‘Think Before You Eat’

(ACTIVISM) Dolphins, dogs, and cats are widely regarded as highly intelligent animals, and garner an abundance of compassion from humans all over the world. However, because other animals don’t have the same luxuries as some of these favored species, the animal-protection and vegan-advocacy organization, Farm Sanctuary, is promoting the intelligence of farm animals, and other […]

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<p> More and more animal rights supporters are turning out every day; presenting a a great future for our furry friends. Charlotte, North Carolina. Photo Credit: Phil Letten</p>

Animal Rights Movement Paves Brighter Future

(ANIMAL RIGHTS) Between the overwhelmingly positive response Blackfish has received, the rising popularity of farm animal rights, and the growing force of animal activists all over the world, there seems to be a brighter future in store for modern-day animals. At the link below, New York Times’ Nicholas D. Kristof paints an optimistic picture—change is […]

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More than 135,000 American horses are exported for slaughter each year. Photo Credit: Facebook, Fox42 News

U.S. Saddles Up For Horse Slaughter, Activists Say ‘Neigh’

(HORSE SLAUGHTER) On August 2, a judge will decide whether to issue a temporary restraining order preventing horse processing plants from opening in the U.S. The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) along with other animal protection groups are currently suing the USDA, claiming the agency failed to conduct the necessary environmental review before […]

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<p>Photo Credit: Shuttershock</p>

New Mexico Tramples On Animal Rights

(HORSES) NEW MEXICO — Federal officials on Friday approved a Roswell company’s application to convert its cattle slaughterhouse into a horse processing plant in a move paving the way for the resumption of horse slaughter in the U.S. While it has not yet been cleared to operate, the New Mexico facility is yet another step closer […]

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Farmed fish

Farmed Fish Tops Beef In Pursuit Of The Plate

(FARM) For the first time in modern history, fish farming has surpassed beef production. In 2012, the world production of farmed fish reached 66 million, while the world production of beef only hit 63 million. These staggering statistics are not coincidental but are most likely a result from the increase in grain and soybean prices, […]

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<p>Bears suffer horrible conditions, while at the mercy of China's alternative medice industry. Photo Credit: Mu Chen</p>

China Can No Longer Bear The Bile Industry

(ACTIVISM) CHINA — Animal rights activists in China have recently banned together to stop local company Guizhentang Pharmaceutical from making their stock public. The company is China’s principal source of bear bile, an ingredient in a variety of elixirs thought to cure everything from gallstones to hangovers. Supporters of animal rights are justifiably outraged over the […]

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<p>Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam vetoed his state's Ag Gag bill, critical of how it handles constitutional rights. Photo Credit: Wikimedia/U.S. Dept. of Agriculture </p>

Tennessee Governor Trumps Ag Gag

(POLITICS) TENNESSEE — Score one for free speech, and animal welfare. After lengthy consideration, Governor Bill Haslam has decided to veto Tennessee’s Ag Gag bill. Haslam’s decision rests on his claim that the bill is “constitutionally suspect.” Although agriculture remains the top industry in Tennessee, Governor Haslam recognizes that the bill could potential violate a […]

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<p>Valley Meat Co. owner Rick De Los Santos stands in a corral area outside the former cattle slaughterhouse he has converted to a horse slaughter facility in Roswell, N.M., Monday, April 15, 2013. The plant --- which has been waiting more than a year for federal approval of its operations -- has become ground zero for an emotional, national debate over a return to domestic horse slaughter. Photo Credit: AP Photo/Jeri Clausing</p>

Horse Slaughterhouses: A Reality In New Mexico?

(ANIMAL RIGHTS) After over a year of waiting for the Department of Agriculture to approve of its inhumane operation, the dreaded horse slaughterhouse in Roswell, New Mexico will soon be opening its doors. Unless Congress steps in and reinstates the federal ban on the cruel practice which lapsed in 2011, Valley Meat Co. will become […]

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<p>Ellen DeGeneres recently joined forces with the HSUS to fight Ag Gag bills. Photo Credit: Ellen</p>

Comedian Stands Up Against Ag Gag

(CELEBRITY ACTIVISM) This past week, president of The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) Wayne Pacelle appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to discuss Ag Gag bills. Both Pacelle and DeGeneres called attention to the horrors behind factory farming and asked viewers to recognize how Ag Gag laws would keep farming operations in the […]

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Antibiotics given to livestock force bacteria to evolve. Photo Credit: The Atlantic

Anti-Antibiotics: You Are What You Eat

(ANIMAL WELFARE) The phrase, “you are what you eat,” may be more frightening than ever before. The agriculture industry hasn’t exactly been known for their conscientious treatment of livestock, but recent missteps might mean a great deal for your health as well. The majority of animals raised for food are forced to take a number […]

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It takes 1,000 gallons of water to produce 1 gallon of milk. Photo Credit: Associated Press

License Plates For Livestock?

(POLITICS) The federal government is implementing a new livestock identification program to streamline the process of tracking and investigating cases of disease in livestock. This new system will help agriculture and health officials track the transportation of animals and quickly establish quarantines and other preventative measures to control the spread of disease. Ranchers and farmers […]

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<p>Drawing by Jonathan Rosen </p>

It’s Time To Meet Your Meat

(HUMANE FARMING) WASHINGTON — Consumers, pay no attention to the carnage behind the meaty curtain. Recently, legislation has hit a number of states, which could potentially incriminate activists who take undercover pictures of slaughterhouse conditions. Although it’s hardly surprising that the agriculture industry is critical of these activists, the real issues rest with the safety of […]

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Some antibiotics will no longer be used on farm animals. Photo Credit: Rodale

Animals On Antibiotics: The Cure Or The Problem?

(ANIMAL SCIENCE) Mutant bacteria strands that have become resistant to antibiotics are a major concern for ranchers as well as for consumers. Currently, herd health practices are changing in hopes of minimizing potential risks. Within three years, certain antibiotics important to human medicine will be phased out of farm use for good. Yet, there is […]

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