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Chickens raised for Bell & Evans, like these in Pennsylvania, eat feed laced with oregano oil. Photo Credit: Jessica Kourkounis, NY Times

U.S. Ranks Second Worst For Farm Animal Cruelty

(FACTORY FARMING/ANIMAL CRUELTY) In a new animal cruelty index tracking 50 countries that are among the world’s largest producers of farm animal products, the U.S. disturbingly ranks as the second worst country for animal welfare. Belarus and Venezuela joined the U.S. among the lowest ranked countries, whereas Kenya, India, and the United Republic of Tanzania […]

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Of all the agricultural land in the U.S., 80 percent is used to raise animals for food and grow grain to feed them. That’s almost half the total land mass of the lower 48 states. Photo Credit: PETA

5 Films That Will Make You Want To Change Your Diet

(ANIMAL ACTIVISM/FACTORY FARMING) There is a new epidemic sweeping across the globe, but it seems nobody is doing anything about it. That’s probably because this epidemic doesn’t affect people–it affects animals. Millions of helpless animals are tortured, abused, and mistreated just so we can feed our faces. Factory farming is big business, and it’s destroying […]

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No Such Thing As Better Beef

(FACTORY FARMING) Eating completely sustainable meat doesn’t seem possible. Factory farming is undoubtedly destroying the environment, slaughtering unprecedented amounts of animals, and putting humans at risk of deadly diseases like E. coli and salmonella. However, sustainable farms have their own set of problems. Is this alternative better for the animals? Or is sustainable meat just […]

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The Truth Behind “Humane” Food

(HUMANE EATING/ANIMAL WELFARE) What does Certified Humane really mean? Organic? Free range? What’s the difference between these and how do they affect us? We’ve compiled the ultimate list with all of the answers to what humane labeling really means and the animals behind the labels. — Global Animal

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Cruelty Cannot Be Concealed: Judge Lifts Idaho Ag-Gag Law

(AG-GAG LAWS/FACTORY FARMING) IDAHO — This week, in a major victory for factory farm animals, a federal judge ruled Idaho’s ag-gag law–which prohibits undercover investigations of agricultural operations–as unconstitutional. The misguided law was passed last year in response to Mercy For Animals footage revealing horrific conditions and unspeakable cruelty to animals at an Idaho dairy […]

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Since many chickens cannot support their own weight, they die of dehydration, unable to get to water. Photo credit:

Just One Phone Call Could Stop Factory Farm Abuse

(ANIMAL CRUELTY/FACTORY FARMS) Although factory farm cruelty is considered illegal in most states, the problem continues to exist. Factory farm employees who witness acts of animal cruelty may not feel comfortable reporting such acts for fear of jeopardizing his or her job. The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) believes that cruelty at factory […]

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"The Vampire Diaries" star Paul Wesley urges pork industry giant Seaboard Corporation to stop the cruel and inhumane practice of using pig gestation crates./Photo credit:

“The Vampire Diaries” Star Stands Up For Pregnant Pigs

(CELEBRITIES/ANIMAL WELFARE) The fangs come out for The Vampire Diaries star Paul Wesley in response to pig gestation crates. Wesley joins other animal loving celebrities like Ryan Gosling, Martha Stewart, and Kristen Bell in speaking up against the cruel and torturous treatment of pregnant pigs. — Global Animal

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Tyson’s New Animal Welfare Policies: PR Hogwash?

(FARM ANIMALS/FACTORY FARMING) Tyson Foods recently announced it’s making significant animal welfare improvements, including phasing out one of the cruelest factory farming practices in existence. Last week, Tyson distributed new guidelines to its 3,000 pork suppliers, recommending farmers move away from inherently cruel gestation crates, and improve housing systems for pregnant pigs. Gestation crates are […]

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Tell Walmart To Rollback Animal Cruelty

(FARM ANIMAL CRUELTY) MINNESOTA — Mercy For Animals (MFA) is making major strides in their efforts to have retail giant Wal-mart adopt new animal welfare guidelines, specifically with their pork supplier. This week, MFA released hidden camera footage of shocking animal abuse in the confines of Wal-mart’s pork supplier. The video depicts pregnant pigs caged […]

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Wine, cheese and grapes medley./Photo credit:

The Well-Intentioned Eater: Say Cheese!

(GREEN/COMPASSIONATE LIVING) Admit it, some days you get home and have no desire to cook. There’s no one around to make dinner for, so you grab a bottle of wine, open up some cheese and enjoy every decadent minute of it. I’ve said it before—I love my cheese! And throw in a glass (or two) […]

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