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Humane alternatives to animal cosmetic testing already exist. Photo Credit: China Photos/Getty Images

Britain Fails To End Animal Testing

(ANIMAL WELFARE/ANIMAL TESTING) The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) issued a response to the British government’s new stance on animal testing and they believe the government is not going far enough in limiting animal testing. Last week, the government issued a document, Working To Reduce the Use of Animals in Scientific Research, but […]

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<p>I William truly the animal lover he claims he is, and can he shed the stigma his prior crimes against nature have given him? Photo Credit:</p>

Prince William: Animal Friend Or Foe?

(CELEBRITY NEWS/ANIMAL ACTIVISM) Just as Prince William was settling down to take a well-deserved year off from his royal responsibility, news broke that his two guard dogs in the British army have been euthanized. The terrible news is of no fault to the prince, but it comes at an inopportune moment, as William recently stressed […]

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<p>The UK has a number of laws in place to consider carefully when parenting a dog. Photo Credit: Facebook </p>

Animal Laws Every UK Pet Parent Should Know

(PET CARE) Though we hate to say it, dog attacks are an unfortunate reality in many parts of the world. Dog attacks are not only problematic for the victims, but for the animals’ companions as well. In places like the United Kingdom, there are a number of important laws in place to protect citizens, but […]

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Photo Credit: Ray Kennedy/ Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

Birdcall App Chirps Off Conservationists

(SKIES) English conservationists are taking a stance against a smartphone app that could pave the way for an increase in amateur nature enthusiasts. The apps in question all revolve around birding, or bird watching, and include the ability to play prerecorded birdcalls. Conservationists fear these birdcall imitations will only disturb the environment, coaxing the animals […]

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Bees Swarming

20,000 Bees Safely Evacuated From Tree

(ANIMAL RESCUE) Last week in England, a tree surgeon named John Joinson was sent to the village of Childer Thornton to remove a tree that was in danger of falling into the road. When Joinson arrived at the tree, he discovered that a large colony of bees was living in it. Rather than resorting to the […]

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<p>50,000 of Britain's badgers are in danger of mass genocide after E</p>

Britain’s Badgers Victims Of Genocide

(ANIMAL WELFARE) ENGLAND — Environment Secretary Owen Patterson of England has established a four year long badger cull and has issued local farmer’s a license to kill the species. Evidence shows that badgers help spread tuberculosis to cattle and Patterson believes the only solution is to execute 50,000 possibly infected badgers. Animal activists are protesting and […]

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<p>The dancing of dogs for performance, as with this pair pictured, will no longer be allowed in Britain due to the risk of injury it poses. Photo credit:</p>
<p>Photo Credit: technobear via Flickr </p>

Britain’s Dogs Retire Their Dancing Shoes

(ANIMAL NEWS) BRITAIN— With the burgeoning popularity of Britain’s got Talent victors Ashley Butler and her 6-year-old cross-breed Pudsey, Britain saw an increase in dog dancing. The dancing duo inspired a number of dogs throughout the country to perform this new activity named “heelwork to music.” In response, Britain’s Kennel Club announced a ban on this and any dangerous […]

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Cat Drastically Changes A Boy’s Life

(TOUCHING TALE) ENGLAND — Throughout his entire life, Lorcan Dillon, a young boy suffering from selective mutism, has been unable to express his emotions or even properly communicate with his family. His intense anxiety disorder has prevented him from speaking to fellow classmates or teachers, heavily affecting his social life. A cure to the disease seemed […]

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High Court Challenge Granted To British Badger Group

(ANIMAL NEWS) LONDON — The Badger Trust received official permission to review the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs’s (Defra) inhumane pilot cull program earlier this year. The proposed badger cull — which was announced last year as a solution to the spread of tuberculosis in cattle — is losing steam after Wales decided against against the cruel act. Read more […]

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<p>Leona Lewis cuddling with furry friends at Hopefield Sanctuary. Photo Credit:</p>

Leona Lewis Spends Easter With Animals

(CELEBRITY) ENGLAND — Singer Leona Lewis spent her Easter Sunday playing with animals and singing for charity at Hopefield Animal Sanctuary in Brentwood, England. The sanctuary takes in abused and neglected animals, nurses them back to health, and gives them a loving home. Read on for more on Lewis’s involvement in this wonderful organization. — Global […]

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More than 50 percent of pets in the U.S. are considered overweight or obese. Photo Credit: PSDA

Pudgy Pets Shed Pounds In U.K.

(OBESE PETS) An annual British weight-loss competition for overweight pets, the Pet Fit Club, is reminding pet guardians that it’s never too late to make positive changes to a pet’s diet and lifestyle. The contest, held by the U.K. veterinary charity PDSA, provides pets with specifically tailored diets and exercise programs and includes 18 finalists who […]

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anfield cat liverpool spurs tottenham

Cat Joins English Premiere League (VIDEO)

(ANIMAL NEWS) ENGLAND — This weekend in English Premiere League Soccer, the Spurs faced Liverpool at home at Anfield in what was making out to be a dismally boring match. It was so boring, in fact, even the animals tried to liven things up. This homeless tabby, who was already a bit of a Liverpool […]

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<p>Kate Middleton has decided to hunt pheasants with the Royal Family on Boxing Day. Photo Credit: AFP</p>

Duchess Kate Middleton Opts Out Of Pheasant Hunt

(CULTURE) Earlier this month, Kate Middleton was practicing her hunting shot in preparation for her stay at the Queen’s Sarvingham House over the Christmas holiday. Dating back to the reign of George V (1910-1936), the Royal Family has hunted pheasants at their annual Boxing Day hunt on December 26th. — Global Animal

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