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Dog Jumps After Dolphin

(ANIMAL VIDEO/DOGS/DOLPHINS) Gracie the dachshund and her mom Tina Calderin were kayaking along the Banana River near port Canaveral, Florida when things took an unexpected turn. Gracie loves the water so much that she suddenly jumped into the river after a nearby dolphin. But don’t worry–she swims back to the boat after saying ‘hello.’ — […]

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Wild Dolphin Triple Barrel Rolls, Gives Snorkelers A Show

Dolphin Dazzles Snorkelers

(AMAZING ANIMAL VIDEO/OCEANS/DOLPHINS) Watch as snorkelers on a dolphin snorkel tour in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii are visited by spinner dolphins. One particularly talented dolphin dazzles them with a fun show filled with airborne triple barrel rolls. Take a look! — Global Animal

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Florida Manatee Swims Happily

Rats, Maggots, & Manatees: Our Secret Heroes

(LABOR DAY/WORKING ANIMALS) While you may be busy complaining about being back in the office after the long Labor Day weekend, some animals are busy putting in free work hours to help their cities flourish. From ferret electricians, to explosive-sniffing rats and life-saving maggots, check out these wonderful animal workers. — Global Animal

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Dolphin Project Goes To Press: Free Angel Or Watch Her Die

(ANIMAL WELFARE/DOLPHINS) The Dolphin Project recently ran an ad in the New York Times to save Angel, a rare albino dolphin being held captive at Japan’s Taiji Whale Museum. Angel faces certain death in captivity if she’s not released to a more fitting home. Because her return to the wild is no longer possible since […]

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New Species Of River Dolphin

New Dolphin Discovery Could Keep Species Afloat

(DOLPHINS/ANIMAL DISCOVERY) BRAZIL — A new species of river dolphin was recently found in the Araguaia River Basin in central Brazil. River dolphins, also known as botos, are the most endangered dolphins in the world. Three of the four different river dolphin species are categorized as threatened, and could soon be on the verge of extinction. […]

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Playful dolphin surprises swimmers in Sydney

Playful Dolphin Surprises Swimmers

(DOLPHINS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) A female bottlenose dolphin, who was separated from her pod off the coast of Australia two years ago, is now a regular sighting for beachgoers near Sydney. The dolphin was abandoned after she became trapped in the Sussex Inlet in September 2012. Wildlife officials stepped in to help, but she never returned […]

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Stay Classy, Anchorman: Ditch The Dolphins

(PETA/ANIMAL WELFARE) Will Ferrell’s long-awaited sequel Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues isn’t giving PETA anything to laugh about. The activist group wants all the scenes featuring dolphins at San Diego’s Sea World stripped from the movie. Pixar Studios recently left scenes from their upcoming animated movie Finding Dory on the cutting-room floor after reportedly viewing Blackfish, a […]

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Blue-whales are the world's largest known animals. Photo Credit: Erik Olson, New York Times

Sea Shepherd Cracks Down On Cruel Sport

(ANIMAL ACTIVISM/OCEAN CONSERVATION) Since 1983, the anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd has been fighting to stop whale and dolphin Grind hunting in the Faroe Islands—also referred to as the Taiji of the North—and now they’re ready for their next battle with their summer launch of “Operation GrindStop 2014.” For those unfamiliar with the term, a Grind is […]

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<p>Hundreds of dolphins and whales will be killed as a result of military detonating underwater explosives for training and testing. Photo credit: J. D. Ebberly via Flickr</p>

Hundreds Of Whales & Dolphins May Be Killed! Is The Military Going Too Far?

(OCEANS/ANIMAL WELFARE) Is the killing of hundreds of whales and dolphins ever acceptable? The Navy says they may be doing just that while testing explosives underwater. Before even applying for federal permits to do so, the military conducted an environmental impact study that determined the explosions would cause most of the marine mammals’ deaths; though some […]

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<p>Photo Credit: Leilani Münter</p>

Stock Car Driver Races To Save Dolphins

(OCEANS/OCEAN CONSERVATION) Activist and race car driver, Leilani Münter, is adding fuel to a Tempe, Arizona event in support of Japan Dolphins Day. The event, which is set to correspond with the beginning of Japan’s annual dolphin drive hunt, commences on Friday. Münter joins a dedicated group of activists that hope to educate the world […]

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The bottlenose dolphin population is believed to be falling victim to morbillivirus, a disease that previously rocked the population back in the late 80s. Photo Credit: Albert Gea

Shocking Rise in Dolphin Deaths

(OCEANS) It’s proving to be a cruel summer for one of the planet’s most intelligent animals, bottlenose dolphins. Between the months of July and August, the East Coast of the U.S. has already seen 120 dolphin corpses wash up on its beaches. Possible causes of death are currently being investigated, but evidence suggests a measles-like virus […]

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Dolphins may have the longest social memory in the animal kingdom. Photo: Getty Images

Remember: A Dolphin Never Forgets

(DOLPHINS/ANIMAL INTELLIGENCE) A new study suggests bottlenose dolphins have an extensive social memory that could be the longest in the animal kingdom. The dolphins in the study were able to remember past tank mates from over 20 years ago based on their unique whistles, similar to how humans remember names. The study could raise further […]

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