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<p>Photo Credit: KTUL/ABC News</p>

Boxer Donates Blood, Saves Lives

(DOGS) OKLAHOMA — After an abused boxer named Winston was adopted by a loving family, he took his second chance at life and used it to save other dogs in need. Every few months, Winston routinely donates his blood to the local animal hospital, and has helped many canines in the process. Many Boxers, along with German […]

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<p>A dog in Temuco, Chile, brings her puppies to the safety of a fire truck after a fire destroyed part of the house they were living in. Photo credit: J. Monsalve.</p>

Dog Rescues Pups To Safety Of Fire Truck

(DOG RESCUE) Amazing photos of a mother dog rescuing her litter of puppies from a house fire in Chile went viral on Friday. The mother, Amanda, apparently knew the safest place to bring her pups. The heroic mom carried each one away from the flames to the safety of a nearby fire truck. The 10-day-old puppies […]

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<p>Jail Dog and inmate playing, Photo Credit:</p>

Jail Dogs And Inmates Bond

(TOUCHING TALE) GEORGIA — Jail dogs in 1C, is a feature length documentary and web series about the Jail Dogs Program at the Gwinnett Detention Center in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Operation Second Chance, or Jail Dogs, started 2 years ago as a small partnership between the Gwinnet County Sheriff’s Department and The Society of Humane Friends of Georgia. […]

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Rowdy Rat Terrier Rescues Dauchsand Dog From Drain Pipe

Rat Terrier Hero Rescues Canine Friend

Historically, Rat Terriers were bred for the purpose of hunting small game, like rats and squirrels. Now, they usually exist as family companions, but in the case of this pint-size hero, deep-down hunting instincts emerged and worked for the greater good. Read on to learn how Rowdy the Rat Terrier saved the life of a […]

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