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basil the kitten demonstrates How to Prepare a Pet for Disaster in cute video

How To Prepare A Pet For Disaster

(CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO/PET CARE) September is National Preparedness Month! Make sure you and your pet are prepared for a natural disaster with this adorable video featuring Basil, a three-month-old kitten, gathering items for her very own disaster prep kit. See the full prep checklist, here: — Global Animal

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Dog Doesn’t Recognize Dad Until He Sniffs Him

(DOGS/PETS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) When a North Carolina man named Shane Godfrey spent five weeks in the hospital recovering from the flu, he lost 50 pounds and didn’t look like his old self. When he came home, he was most excited to reunite with his dog Willie. But at first, Willie doesn’t recognize him. In the […]

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french bulldog with carrot - is it a rabbit or dog

Rabbit Or Dog?

(FUNNY PETS/DOGS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) Is this a rabbit, or a dog? Your guess is as good as ours! This carrot-loving French Bulldog certainly fits the bill for both! — Global Animal

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Baby Elephant ‘Rescues’ Man Who Saved Her

(WILDLIFE/ELEPHANTS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Baby elephant Kham Lha is one of the younger residents at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand. In the video above, she rushes into a river to ‘save’ her human friend Darrick, a staff member at the sanctuary, from drowning. This just shows how much love and respect Kham Lha has for […]

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Bottle Feeding Baby Otter

(BABY ANIMALS/WILDLIFE RESCUE/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) This beloved baby otter named Pearl was rescued at just about two weeks old. Watch as she excitedly wags her tails as she is bottle-fed. Our hearts are melting! — Global Animal

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