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Some animal behavior experts believe a trap and kill program could cause more harm since the coyotes that get caught in the traps are usually the weaker ones, leaving larger packs of more aggressive coyotes.

Coyote Conflict: Why Killing Coyotes Doesn’t Work

(COYOTES/WILDLIFE CONSERVATION) An increasingly familiar sight throughout U.S. cities and suburbs, coyotes are the most common large predators in America. Because of this, roughly half a million are killed every year–a rate unlike any other wild animal in U.S. history–whether by the hands of sport hunters or government entities. However, controlling coyote populations has proven […]

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Jim Horton, a licensed animal trapper in Westchester County, with a foothold he uses on coyotes. Photo Credit: Andrew Sullivan for The New York Times

Coyotes Cue Controversy In New York Suburbs

(COYOTES/ANIMAL NEWS) New York’s suburbs are witnessing a surge in Eastern coyote populations this year, leading to an increase in dead and/or missing pets. While homeowners are seeking out animal control officers and private animal trappers to capture and euthanize nuisance coyotes, naturalists claim the coyotes are a beneficial part of the ecosystem and have […]

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Photo Credit: Joel Sartore

North Carolina Fights To Put An End To Fox Pens

(WILDLIFE/TAKE ACTION) Training exercise or torture? Many residents of North Carolina are asking that very question when it comes a gruesome hunting practice known as fox penning. The cruel practice involves the capture of coyotes and foxes in steel traps. Once caught, the hunters imprison the animals in small, overcrowded cages where they are hardly […]

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<p>A coyote taking a trip on the Portland light track. Photo Credit: Dennis Maxwell, Port of Portland/AP</p>

Urban Wildlife “Commuters”

(CULTURE) Everyday, people all over the world use public transportation to get around town, and consequently, animals are adapting to urban life as well. From monkeys to coyotes, many different species are finding their way onto mass transit systems and realizing how convenient public transportation truly is. These animal “commuters” are typically motivated by food and safety which make […]

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<p>A local coyote roams a community park. Photo Credit:</p>

Urban Coyotes: Friends, Not Foes

(WILDLIFE) Now inhabitants of every state in the continental U.S., coyotes eat mostly rabbits, rodents, and fruit while creating homes for themselves and their pups in industrial parks, recreation areas, and in between apartment buildings. Because the presence of coyotes in community areas can often be misinterpreted as dangerous by trigger-happy humans, Project Coyote, an organization based in Larkspur, […]

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golden gate san francisco

Coyote Alert In San Francisco

(ANIMAL NEWS) In San Francisco, there is an estimated one coyote per 80,500 people. Yet people living around Golden Gate Park are concerned about the coyotes living in there, some reporting that the animals have attacked their pets. “Coyote Alert” signs have been put up in places where the coyotes have been sighted. Read on […]

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While trying to regulate coyote and wolf populations, Wildlife Services mistakenly killed 50,000 other species of animals. Photo Credit: Biology_2380 via Flickr

Deadly Mistake Cost 50,000 Animal Lives

(WILDLIFE) UNITED STATES — A reporter recently discovered a hidden section of the Department of Agriculture, named Wildlife Services. This little-known organization is responsible for monitoring wildlife across North America. However, since the year 2000, 50,000 animals — some even federally protected — died by the people working for the agency while attempting to regulate wolf and coyote populations. […]

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Photo Credit: National Geographic

Coyote Coats: Fashion’s Latest Victim (TAKE ACTION)

(ANIMAL NEWS) CANADA—Clothing company Canada Goose Inc. is being virtually occupied by supporters of the Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals. The Facebook protestors are opposing the company’s use of coyote fur trims. Coyotes are often captured in leg-hold traps, which are legal in every province in Canada, and often mutilate themselves trying to […]

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Skinned Coyotes Found In Colorado

(WILDLIFE) COLORADO — After initial reports declared multiple dogs to have been found skinned and mutilated alongside a few roads in Berthoud, veterinarians and wildlife pathologists have now concluded the animals were actually coyotes. Why were these coyotes killed, skinned, and left to be found beside the road? Read on for more details and the number […]

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<p>Photo credit: Monty Sloan- Wolf Park, Battle Ground, Indiana</p>

Werewolf, Or Coywolf?

(WOLF/COYOTE) North American wolves are disappearing as a new hybrid takes its place — the coywolf. A genetic mix of the coyote and wolf, these hybrids have become more prevalent as coyote populations have increased and migrated east due to the human impact on North American ecosystems. Read on about how this werewolf-esque hybrid might mean […]

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Photo Credit: National Geographic

Rancher Fined After Using Illegal Pesticide To Kill Animals

(PESTICIDES/ANIMAL CONTROL) IDAHO — An Idaho rancher was fined $1,500 after using the illegal pesticide, Carbofuran. He placed it around his farm, which lead to the poisoning of two neighborhood dogs — one died and the other was sickened. The rancher was ordered to pay $700 in restitution to the guardians of the two dogs. Does the punishment […]

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<p>Tragically, pesticides are used to kill these beautiful animals.</p>

Coyotes: The Many Mysteries Behind The Howl

(WILDLIFE) The coyote ignites the imagination of one culture after another. Seen as a trickster by some, ‘God’s Dog,’ by others, and Wile E. Coyote by scores of children, read how this mysterious creature keeps many secrets close to what Mark Twain called its ‘long, slim, sick and sorry-looking skeleton.’ – Global Animal

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