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Rescued Chicken Loves Her New Dog Siblings

Rescued Chicken Loves Her New Dog Siblings

(ANIMAL RESCUE/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) Thanks to the Alliance to End Chickens as Kaporos, this lucky chicken named Rose was rescued from Kaporos, an annual Orthodox Jewish ritual in Brooklyn, New York, where 60,000 baby chickens are starved for days, then tortured and killed in illegal slaughterhouses. Now, Rose is living the life! She even comes […]

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Chicken & Truck Driver Are Best Friends

(ANIMAL RESCUE/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) When truck driver Warren Padgette came across a white chicken lying in the middle of a Washington highway, the bird was in such bad shape, he thought she was dead–until she blinked at him. The chicken, who had fallen from a slaughterhouse-bound truck, was abnormally large for her young age because […]

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Musical Chickens Play Xylophone

(CUTE ANIMALS/CHICKENS/FUNNY ANIMAL VIDEOS) When Kris Garret noticed her beloved 11 chickens seeming a bit bored, she decided to attach a xylophone to the wall of their chicken coop. Afterwards, beautiful music chimed through the hen house, keeping the birds happy and occupied for hours on end! — Global Animal

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Did You Know Chickens Purr Like Kittens?

(CHICKENS/FARM ANIMALS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Listen to the lovely and soothing sounds of this chicken purring. Yes, believe it or not, chickens can purr just like cats when they’re happy! Doris the rescue hen just loves to curl up on her caretaker’s lap and take a nap. Thisheartwarming video might even make you think differently about […]

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Strawberry The Rescued Chicken Loves NatGeo

(ANIMAL RESCUE/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Earlier this year, Olivia Fox and Brian Larsen adopted Strawberry the chicken from Animal Place, a farm animal sanctuary in Northern California. Strawberry is one of 800 hens saved from certain death at a pasture-based farm that uses birds for eggs. When Strawberry fell ill from an unknown leg injury, vets […]

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Photo Credit: iStockphoto/Fanch Galivel

Is It Possible To Eat Meat Without Killing Animals?

(ANIMAL WELFARE/ANIMAL SCIENCE) WASHINGTON— Uma S. Valeti, a cardiologist who trained at the Mayo Clinic, has developed an innovative way of farming meat without killing animals. This technique, which harvests animal cells in a laboratory, could transform the inhumane meat industry as we know it. Meat derived from slaughterhouses or animal farms can be packed […]

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<p>Chickens may be smarter than you think. Photo Credit: Shutterstock</p>

Who’s Smarter, The Chicken Or The Toddler?

(ANIMAL SCIENCE) Chickens are definitely smarter than they look, according to a very enlightening study. The domesticated fowl is able to apply logic, understand physics, navigate efficiently, and much more. Some of the chicken’s mental capabilities are usually only seen in children above the age of four, thus inferring that chickens may be smarter than your average […]

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Penelope The Miracle Chicken: A Rescue Story

(CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO/ANIMAL RESCUE) Meet Penelope the “miracle chicken,” who was rescued by a Brooklyn couple from near death and torture at Kaporosa, an ultra-Orthodox Jewish ritual in NYC. She is now the star of a new documentary short film, which clearly demonstrates how these birds want, and deserve, to live. Watch Penelope’s story in […]

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Baby in a Lamb Costume Confuses Chickens

Baby Lamb Confuses Chickens

(BABIES AND ANIMALS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Watch cuteness ensue after someone decided to put their baby in a lamb costume and introduce the little bundle of joy to a couple of hen friends. Chickens are extremely curious creatures and can bond quite closely with humans. Could this be the beginning of a beautiful human-animal friendship? — […]

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