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Facelifts For Fido? 5 Peculiar Pet Procedures

(PETS) There’s not much we wouldn’t do for our animal companions. Designer duds, boutique hotels, and even plastic surgery? That’s right. Pets have succumbed to the nips, tucks, and more that is usually reserved for their human counterparts. Read on for five of these unusual pet procedures and why our pets might have justifiable reasons for […]

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Animals were escorted to safety during the wildfires near Colorado Springs. Photo Credit:

How Natural Disasters Can Devastate Animals

(ANIMAL WELFARE) Whether there’s a flood or a fire, pets and wildlife can be incredibly vulnerable during a natural disaster. But regardless of what Mother Nature may throw at us, there’s no doubting humans offer animals the best chance of survival. Read the full article below for more on how natural disasters impact the lives […]

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cat and chihuahua april fools day

Purrfect Pranks For April Fools’ Day (GALLERY)

(CATS AND DOGS/ANIMAL PICTURES) April Fools’ Day is finally here! Celebrated by many cultures, far and wide, the holiday is famous for the practical jokes and hoaxes people play on one another. But as it turns out, humans aren’t the only animals engaging in pranks. Cats also have a special love for mischief—especially when it […]

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<p>It isn't known for certain why cats find plastic bags attractive to lick. Photo credit: theogeo (flickr)</p>

Why Does Your Cat Eat Plastic?

(CATS/PET CARE) Teething young kittens can chew all sorts of objects. However, adult cats that lick, chew, or swallow inedible objects may suffer from pica, which is defined as the act of eating non-food items. In less serious cases, cats may chew or suck on objects, but not actually swallow them. However, any object may be a […]

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A Cat’s Purrpose

(FUNNY ANIMAL VIDEOS/PETS/CATS) While there’s been much disarray over A Dog’s Purpose, with many opting to boycott the film, it leaves us thinking about another one of life’s most important questions. What’s a cat’s purr-pose? Take a look and find out for yourself! — Global Animal

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Cat sitting on steps

Cat Training? Yes, It’s Paw-ssible!

(LIFE WITH PETS/CATS) We’ve all heard that it’s impossible to train a cat, but the Humane Society begs to differ. Want your feline companion to stop clawing the furniture, come when you call, or fetch your slippers? Here are some tips on how to train your cat using the positive power of rewards. — Global […]

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