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Birds flying in the sky, fly in a V to save energy.

Why A ‘V’ Formation Is For The Birds

(BIRDS/ANIMAL NEWS) Everyone’s familiar with the V formation that birds fly in when they travel, but do you know why they choose to fly in a V? Scientists from the Royal Veterinary College in London conducted a study published in the international journal, Nature, and concluded that the V formation is an energy saving way for […]

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<p>Several animal organizations installed new live webcams of polar bears on their migration route. Photo credit: Chris Hendrickson, Getty Images </p>

Can Radiation Keep Animals Warm?

(ANIMAL SCIENCE) It’s amazing how much we learn from animals. One of the most recent discoveries centers around the insulating powers of feathers and fur. Recent studies discovered many Arctic animals use a form of radioactive heat to stay warm, contrary to the beams’ harmful effects on marine life. The findings suggest the hairs reflect […]

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<p>Cornell University is enlisting the help of bird watchers to collect avian data. Photo Credit: Facebook</p>

Cornell Borrows Bird Watchers For Sighting Study

(ANIMAL RESEARCH) Researchers at Cornell University are going out of their way to be fair to our feathered friends. The school’s programs allow everyday birdwatchers to take part in their studies by supplying Cornell with information on bird sightings. The data collected can help identify migratory patterns, and other behaviors. Continue reading below to find […]

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Photo Credit: Ray Kennedy/ Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

Birdcall App Chirps Off Conservationists

(SKIES) English conservationists are taking a stance against a smartphone app that could pave the way for an increase in amateur nature enthusiasts. The apps in question all revolve around birding, or bird watching, and include the ability to play prerecorded birdcalls. Conservationists fear these birdcall imitations will only disturb the environment, coaxing the animals […]

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<p>The critically endangered night parrot has remerged after over a century of seclusion. Photo Credit: Alamy</p>

Night Parrot Flies Out Of The Dark

(ENDANGERED SPECIES) SYDNEY — Everyone needs a vacation, but the night parrot of Australia hasn’t been seen alive in the wild for over 100 years. On Friday, naturalist John Young claimed to have snagged a photo of one of the birds on May 25th of 2013. Continue reading to find out what methods conservationists are […]

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Photo credit:

Ke$ha Ruffles Some Feathers

(CELEBRITY NEWS) American pop star Ke$ha is best known for her careless party girl image, but for a while now, the “Tik Tok” singer has been making a name for herself as an animal rights activist. Last year, the glitter-loving star urged fans to boycott Canadian seafood in order to help put an end to seal […]

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Injured Baby Golden Eagle Survives Wildfire (VIDEO)

(WILDFIRES) Wildlife rehabilitators are astounded by the resilience of a baby golden eagle that barely survived Utah’s wildfires. The 5-pound eagle, now called Phoenix, is thought to have jumped from his nest to save himself, fell 25 feet, then rolled another 100 feet down to the base of the cliff his nest was on. He was […]

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Chicken causes more foodborne illnesses than any other meat. Photo credit:

Chicken With Side Of Arsenic

(FACTORY FARMS) Arsenic in chickens? Really? Johns Hopkins University and Arizona State University tested chicken feathers to reveal levels of arsenic, Benadryl and illegal antibiotics. Chickens are fed arsenic to make their flesh a more appetizing shade of pink and to fight infection. The illegal antibiotics found create antibiotic-resistant viruses that kill more Americans per year than AIDS, according to the […]

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<p>The sound of flapping wings may attract female hummingbirds. Photo Credit: farmhousephoto</p>

How Do Hummingbirds Mate?

(ANIMAL MATING) How do male hummingbirds capture the eyes of potential mates? While their melodious voices and colorful wings first come to mind, the sound of their wings flapping helps males attract females. Read on to learn more about how tail sounds help hummingbirds find their true loves! — Global Animal

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<p>Alexander McQueen design at Paris Fashion Week in March 2009. Photo credit: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images</p>

Alexander McQueen: Animal Lover? (POLL)

(CULTURE) Fur, leather, and feather fashions but profound love for pets and sympathy for homeless animals — quite the contradiction. The late fashion designer Alexander McQueen left a portion of his fortune for the continual care of his dogs and donated money to two animal charity organizations that help abandoned animals find homes. McQueen is considered an […]

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