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Antibiotics given to livestock force bacteria to evolve. Photo Credit: The Atlantic

F.D.A. Cracks Down On Antibiotics In Livestock

(FARM ANIMALS/ANIMAL NEWS) The Food and Drug Administration (F.D.A.) adopted a new policy to slowly abandon the use of excessive antibiotics in farm-raised cows, pigs, and chickens last week. The agency’s new plan is their first real attempt at combating drug abuse in healthy farm animals. Antibiotic-treated meat is a major concern for public health, […]

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Salmonella contaminates Foster Farms chicken, making many people sick in the U.S.

Salmonella Surprise; Chicken Doesn’t Check Out

(HEALTH/OP-ED) With the recent outbreak of salmonella making its way across the United States, meat eaters are seriously considering putting down the chicken. Reports say more than 300 people have become ill from the bacteria, but experts at the Centers for Disease Control believe the numbers are much greater. Unsurprisingly, very little has been done to […]

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Antibiotics given to livestock force bacteria to evolve. Photo Credit: The Atlantic

Anti-Antibiotics: You Are What You Eat

(ANIMAL WELFARE) The phrase, “you are what you eat,” may be more frightening than ever before. The agriculture industry hasn’t exactly been known for their conscientious treatment of livestock, but recent missteps might mean a great deal for your health as well. The majority of animals raised for food are forced to take a number […]

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Chickens raised for Bell & Evans, like these in Pennsylvania, eat feed laced with oregano oil. Photo Credit: Jessica Kourkounis, NY Times

Chicken Farms Turn To Oregano

(FARM) As consumers continue to demand purer foods, chickens raised for Bell & Evans over the last three years have been fed a special diet consisting of oregano oil and a pinch of cinnamon as a way to prevent the spread of bacterial diseases without relying on antibiotics. However, despite encouraging preliminary test results conducted […]

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Eat Less Meat, Save The World

(COMPASSIONATE LIVING) You don’t need to be an animal lover to see that it’s important to curb your meat consumption. Eating less meat would mean getting rid of the large percentage of greenhouse gases that comes from raising livestock. One of the best and quickest methods for trying to reverse climate change is to eat less meat. […]

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Chicken causes more foodborne illnesses than any other meat. Photo credit:

Chicken With Side Of Arsenic

(FACTORY FARMS) Arsenic in chickens? Really? Johns Hopkins University and Arizona State University tested chicken feathers to reveal levels of arsenic, Benadryl and illegal antibiotics. Chickens are fed arsenic to make their flesh a more appetizing shade of pink and to fight infection. The illegal antibiotics found create antibiotic-resistant viruses that kill more Americans per year than AIDS, according to the […]

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<p>Photo credit: Socially Responsible Agricultural Project via Flickr</p>

F.D.A. To Reduce Antibiotics In Livestock

(ANIMAL NEWS) The U.S. Government may soon ban the use of popular antibiotics on livestock. The majority of antibiotics are not used on people, but in animal feed to promote growth, a practice that has worried public health officials for years. The overuse of such drugs, such as penicillin, may directly correlate to the increase […]

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<p>Even without antibiotic treatment, this piglet most likely received drug resistant bacteria from it's mother during birth.</p>

Antibiotics For Pigs Hurt Everyone

(ANIMAL SCIENCE/HEALTH) Proponents of the use of antibiotics in factory farming are missing the point. Rather than using antibiotics to solve the problems that factory farming has created, our country should ask why Americans are willing to compromise factory farmed animals’ quality of life as well as their own health simply for cheap meat. Discover […]

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<p>How many sick cows go unnoticed just because there is no proof disease can be passed into milk? Photo credit: </p>

FDA Denies Important Petition

(ANIMAL WELFARE) The FDA denied two petitions that would limit the amount of medications fed to farm animals. A shocking eighty percent of antibiotics sold in the US are fed to farm animals, which in turn poses a threat to human health. Read on for information on why this was a bad decision on the […]

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<p>Photo Credit: The New York Times</p>

How To Prevent Factory Farming Cruelty

(ANIMAL RIGHTS) Many animal lovers give up meat entirely, but even for those who struggle with a love of ribs or filet mignon, it’s horrifying to hear of the constant abuse farm animals are made to suffer. While any death of farm animals may be unacceptable to some, a decent life of minimal suffering for […]

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