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<p>Photo credit: Guido Montaldo / Shutterstock</p>

Fukushima Radiation Found In Bluefin Tuna

(ANIMAL NEWS) CALIFORNIA — Bluefin tuna caught off the coast of San Diego are carrying radiation contamination from the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster. It is the first case of a large migratory fish species carrying radiation over a large distance, startling some researchers. With bluefin tuna already suffering from overfishing, read on to find out what […]

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<p>This three-eyed fish was caught near a nuclear power plant in Argentina. Photo credit:</p>

Three-Eyed Fish Caught In Argentina

(THREE-EYED FISH) ARGENTINA — We recently recognized the existence of the one-eyed shark. And now there’s a three-eyed fish? Seems so. Caught near a nuclear power plant in Argentina, this fish is evidence of mutation from nuclear radiation in the hot water dumped into the reservoir. A few questions remain unanswered: how many more deformed animals […]

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International Foundation for Animal Welfare IFAW

IFAW Plans Animal Rescue Summit In Japan

JAPAN (ANIMAL RESCUE) – The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) is organizing a meeting of radiation and welfare experts to develop a plan to help the animals inside evacuation zones in Japan. Their goal is to create response procedures and protocols to monitor, evacuate, and treat animals affected by radiation. This landmark animal rescue […]

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<p>Aboard a boat pulling a barge with water for Japan's overheating Fukushima nuclear plant Thursday.  Photo Credit: Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force via Reuters</p>

Marine Life At Risk From Radiation In Japan (UPDATE)

JAPAN — While the ocean has a high capacity for diluting radiation, the radioactive isotope levels in the sea near Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant bring higher risk of death, mutation, and genetic degradation for marine life than previously predicted. The greatest threat  is to future generations of sea creatures; the radiation could interfere with […]

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<p>Laysan Albatross Rescued and Returned to Eastern Island Photo Credit: Pete Leary/USFWS</p>

Radiation And Wildlife: The Impact On Animals

While many animals have been affected by the disaster in Japan, the impact of the radiation appears to be less harmful than we might have expected. Read on to discover how the marine and wildlife have been and may continue to be affected by the radiation leaks. — Global Animal

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