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An Ivorian wildlife agent holding pangolin scales confiscated from traffickers in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Photo Credit: Reuters/Thierry Gouegnon

Meet The Most Trafficked Mammal In The World

(WILDLIFE TRAFFICKING) The little-known pangolin is a tiny, nocturnal, Armadillo-like creature who is very shy. Their large Keratin scales that cover their skin help protect them from predators. But unfortunately, these scales do not protect them from humans. In certain parts of Asia, the Keratin scales are used for medicinal purposes. Just last week, Ivory Coast officials confiscated […]

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Illegal Turtle Trade Bust In Thailand

(WILDLIFE/TURTLES) THAILAND — Officials in a Thai airport recently arrested a man for having four suitcases filled with protected black pond turtles. Authorities also found 432 protected tortoises and another 52 black pond turtles in unclaimed baggage arriving from Bangladesh. International trade of the rare black pond turtle is prohibited, but together the turtles are […]

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3,000 different species of animals have plummeted in numbers. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Elephant’s Imprisonment Results In Zookeeper Death

(ZOOS/ANIMAL WELFARE) If you’re familiar with the critically acclaimed documentary Blackfish, then you’re aware of the dangerous psychological repercussions that animals in captivity acquire as a result of unnatural imprisonment. Just like Tilikum, the whale featured in Blackfish, a 41-year-old elephant named Patience killed her trainer, John Bradford, yesterday at a cruel elephant exhibit in Springfield, Missouri […]

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<p>US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has called for a stepped up fight against poaching. Photo Credit: AFP/File</p>

Clinton’s Crusade Combats Elephant Poachers

(WILDLIFE CONSERVATION/POACHING) Traditionally elephants have been symbols of the Republican Party, but that won’t stop Hillary Clinton from lending the pachyderms a helping hand. On Thursday, Clinton announced an $80 million plan to combat elephant poaching and trafficking. If elephant poaching continues at the same rate, the giant land animals are expected to disappear within […]

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<p>By working to stop sales of all products made from endangered and threatened animals, Etsy will save endangered animals. Photo Credit:</p>

Etsy Goes Eco To Protect Endangered Species

(CULTURE) Unlike its competitors, like eBay and Google Shopping, the popular e-commerce website, Etsy, is cracking down on the illegal trade of animal products. On Monday, the website focused on handmade and vintage items announced an update to their Prohibited Items policy which now lists products made from endangered or threatened species. The new policy includes a ban […]

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<p>Keep wildlife out of your wardrobe. Photo Credit: PETA</p>

Year Of The Snake: A Year For Change

(ANIMAL WELFARE) While many turn a blind eye, there is no denying that the exotic snake skin trade continues to be big business in the fashion industry. Not only is this cruel fashion trend disastrous for several snake species, but it also allows for the inhumane killing of animals who are skinned alive and left […]

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<p>Thai children dressed as elephants and tigers at the Cites conference in Bangkok. Photo Credit:</p>

Prince William Stands Up For Elephants (VIDEO)

(ANIMAL TRADE) In a video addressed to more than 2,000 delegates at the 12-day Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora in Bangkok, Britain’s Prince William calls upon our world’s leaders for stronger action on the worldwide illegal ivory trade. In the video released earlier this week, the 30-year-old Duke of […]

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Vixay Keosavang

The Biggest Animal Killer On Earth

(WILDLIFE TRAFFICKING) Vixay Keosavang, or more infamously known as the “Pablo Escobar of wildlife trafficking,” is the single largest known wildlife trafficker in Asia. Xaysavang Trading, one of Mr. Vixay’s companies, recently perpetrated one of the biggest swindles in environmental crime history according to rhino horn smuggling experts. Despite overwhelming evidence, officials in his homeland of Laos […]

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<p>A newly discovered species of slow loris is in danger of extinction. Photo credit: Duke Lemur Center / David Haring / Ch'ien C Lee via the guardian</p>

New Slow Loris Species Already Endangered

(NEW SPECIES) A new species has come to light after a team of international researchers in Borneo discovered an unfamiliar species of slow loris. The previously undiscovered animal, alongside two other slow lorises considered before to be sub-species, has been formally recognized as its own unique species. The slow loris is a nocturnal primate closely related […]

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<p>US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has called for a stepped up fight against poaching. Photo Credit: AFP/File</p>

Hillary Clinton Slams Wildlife Trafficking (VIDEO)

(POLITICS) In a recent meeting with the State Department, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton proposed that we take further steps to prevent poaching—more specifically, the poaching of ivory and rhino horn. Because the Obama administration and the State Department face a long list of urgent issues both at home and abroad, it’s incredibly encouraging […]

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<p>Nov. 13, 2012: An official shows one of 600 cobras seized by the Thai Customs Department at a press conference in Bangkok. Photo Credit: Fox News</p>

600 Smuggled Snakes Rescued

(ANIMAL TRAFFICKING) BANGKOK — Yesterday, Thai customs officials seized a pickup truck filled with 600 poisonous cobras. The Malaysian snakes, worth an estimated 16,500 dollars, were destined for a third-world country where they would be used for traditional medicine or food. We are happy to report that the surviving snakes will be released back into […]

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<p>Photo Credit: Handout via AP</p>

Primates In Peril: 25 Species Face Extinction

(ENDANGERED SPECIES) Researchers revealed this week that twenty-five species of lemurs, monkeys and gorillas across Africa and Asia currently face extinction due to illegal hunting and deforestation. As these primates act as a vital part to our ecosystem, experts are calling on people across the globe to help protect these endangered species. Researchers remain hopeful though, […]

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Photo Credit: National Geographic

Social Media Users Help End Illegal Animal Trade

(ANIMAL TRADE) SOUTH AFRICA — For the month of October, Africam is using social media to help fight the ongoing illegal animal trade. Many other organizations, including World Wildlife Foundation (WWF), are joining forces to help spread the #killthetrade message and invite people across the world to participate. Anyone can help spread awareness by simply going to […]

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<p>Photo Credit: DSPCA</p>

37 Lucky Pups Rescued

(ANIMAL CRUELTY) DUBLIN — Nearly forty puppies suffering from various infections were rescued by Dublin police this week. After an officer stopped two cars on the road and saw a variety of beagles, cocker spaniels, and Jack Russells in the backseat, the pups were seized and taken to The Dublin Society for Prevention of Cruelty […]

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