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The wolf holds a significant position in foundational mythologies of Eurasia and North America. The Tlingit community god name means “wolf,” and they worship a wolf-head, and the shamanic Turkic believes they are descendants of wolves. Photo Credit: Facebook

Big Bad Wolf Really Is A Fairytale

(WOLVES/ANIMAL SCIENCE) Next time you’re stuck in a graveyard with a full moon in the sky, and you hear a wolf howl in the distance, don’t be afraid. Studies suggest startling wolf howls are just cries of loneliness. Once thought to be a simple stress cry, research shows wolf howls actually change depending on the […]

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<p>Photo credit: David Pruter</p>

15 Weird Animal Facts!

(WEIRD ANIMAL FACTS/ABOUT ANIMALS) Have you ever wondered how fish communicate? Or why you just can’t shake those pesky mosquitoes? There are so many things that we still don’t know about our friends in the animal kingdom, but we learn new, fun, and weird animal facts all the time. Check out these facts about animals, […]

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Kitty Dumps Deer- PetTube

Deer Gets Dumped

(CATS/DEER/FUNNY ANIMAL VIDEO) It started as a beautiful love affair; the deer and the cat. But when the deer got a little too clingy, it was time for the cat to let him know she needed some space. — Global Animal

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When dogs are feel threatened or on edge lick your lips or yawn.

Can’t Speak Dog? This YouTuber Can Help

(DOG TRAINING/ VIDEO) We all like to think we’re masters of communication when it comes to our dogs, but there’s certain behavioral cues most of us are probably missing. Don’t fret, aspiring Dr. Dolittles! Thanks to YouTube video blogger, kikopup, you can pick up a few tricks and communicate with your pets in their own […]

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James Chapman dog barks in different languages

Fun Animal Sounds Around The World (GALLERY)

(PETS/GALLERY) Ylvis’ smash hit “What Does The Fox Say?” has the world wondering, what does a fox actually sound like? Foxes are extremely vocal animals, whose sounds vary from barks to howl type noises. However, animals—much like humans—sound different throughout various countries around the world. For instance, a cat’s meow or a dog’s bark sounds different […]

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<p>Brooke Martin invented the iCUpooch in response to her dog Kayla's separation anxiety. Photo Credit: Brooke Martin </p>

13-Year-Old Invents Device For Dog Anxiety

(PETS/ANIMAL SCIENCE) The separation anxiety and stress your dog undergoes when taking a long trip may be a thing of the past. Brooke Martin, a 13-year-old on the verge of entering high school, is the creator of an invention she calls the iCUpooch. Martin’s device will allow you to interact with your dog over video […]

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<p>Photo Credit: Ecorazzi</p>

Look Who’s Talking

(ANIMAL SCIENCE) It looks like Doctor Dolittle might not have been so special after all—as it turns out, animals really can talk! According to a new study, bottlenose dolphins can actually identify the vocal patterns of other dolphins familiar to them. What’s more, scientists have observed variations in these patterns that imply bottlenose dolphins may […]

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koshik elephant hanging out

An Elephant With An Ear For Language

(ANIMAL INTELLIGENCE) KOREA — Koshik, the elephant, has surprised elephant researchers with his acquired ability to speak human words. Not having the same anatomical structure as humans, Koshik has cleverly found a way by means of lowering his trunk into his mouth and moving his lower jaw to formulate human-like sounds. It’s unbelievable how similar […]

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<p>A school of silverjack fish. A new study reveals how fish swimming in schools don't crash into each other. Photo credit: iStockPhoto</p>

Fish Agree: Majority Rules

(ANIMAL BEHAVIOR) All social animals—whether they are packing rats, schooling fish, flocking birds, colonizing bees, herding elephants, or even crowding humans—adhere to the democratic principle of majority rule. Ian Couzin, an evolutionary biologist at Princeton University, states, “One common property we see in animal groups from schooling fish to flocking birds to primate groups is that […]

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<p>Noise pollution causes male birds to sing at higher frequencies, which is less attractive to females. Photo credit: Discovery News</p>

How Do Animals Talk?

(ANIMAL RESEARCH) Animals communicate with each other in complex ways, yet do you know how they acquire the use of language? Have you ever wondered if animals have regional accents? These thought provoking questions are thoroughly explored by an array of animal experts. Read more to find out the answers to these inquiries and many more […]

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<p>Being able to accurately replicate the sounds dolphins make is the first step towards communication. Photo Credit:</p>

New Device For Dolphin-Human Communication

(DOLPHINS) Scientists have developed a prototype of the first device that can project the full range of sounds used by dolphins. This may mean that  communication with dolphins in the near future is a possibility. Read on to find out if we will be talking to dolphins in the future. — Global Animal 

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sad puppy

Divorce: Who Gets Fluffy?

(LIFE WITH PETS) Divorce is never easy, but now more than ever people are fighting over their pets. With pet ownership at an all time high it’s becoming more likely that your dog or cat will be a part of the battle…

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I Am Lion, How Do I Roar?

(ANIMAL KINGDOM) Thanks to unusual vocal cords, making that ferocious lion roar is easier than it sounds. New research shows that the lion vocal cord has a layer of fat in addition to a unique shape that makes it a perfect instrument for that famous roar. Read more for the science behind the king of […]

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