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Baby Animals Everywhere? Must Be Springtime!

(CUTE ANIMAL PICTURES/BABY ANIMALS) Spring is a magical season where the world wakes anew from its winter slumber. What's the best part of springtime? Baby animals, of course! Check out these wild and wonderful baby animal photos. — Global Animal

Find The Odd Animal Out: Which Of These Is Not Like The Other?

(CUTE ANIMAL PICTURES/PETS/WILDLIFE) Sometimes we just want to blend in, even if we don't completely belong. Can you figure out which of these animals is not like the others? — Global Animal

6 Best Places To See Wildlife In The U.S.

(WILDLIFE/PHOTO GALLERY) If you want to see the beautiful creatures that share this world with us, you don't have to go to a zoo, you can just step outside. We are lucky to live in an age when we can still see animals in the wild. Check out this list of the top six places to see wildlife in the United States. — Global Animal

A monkey and bird make unlikely, but fast friends. Photo Credit: Reddit

Everybody Loves A Hug (GALLERY)

(CUTE ANIMAL PICTURES) We all need somebody to lean on, and that includes our fellow animal friends. From big to small, tame to wild, animals of all shapes and sizes can’t turn down an honest-to-goodness hug. Check out these photos capturing some adorable embraces. — Global Animal

Incredible Pictures of Wildlife In Brazil and Panama

(PHOTO GALLERY) To search for and take pictures of rare wildlife species, Belgian ecologist and photographer Guido Sterkendries recently spent some time leading a Tarzan-like life in the rainforests in Brazil and Panama.

Colors Only Nature Could Create (GALLERY)

(BIRDS/ANIMAL PICTURES) Looking to brighten up your day? From dazzling ducks to flashy flamingos—check out these beautiful birds as they boast every color of the rainbow. — Global Animal

This Is Wild: 19 Exotic Animals Doing Yoga

(FUNNY ANIMAL PICTURES/WILDLIFE PHOTOS) Animals are naturally master yogis. Take a look at all these animals in a full array of yoga poses--or animal asanas--and take inspiration from their being-ness. – Global Animal

Baby Animals From Around The World (GALLERY)

(BABY ANIMALS/CUTE ANIMAL PICTURES) Check out this fantastic collection of photos showing new members of the animal kingdom from all around the world! — Global Animal

An Unlikely Victor

When you're tiny as a mouse and a leopard is staring you down, survival is a confidence game.

The Art of Being (GALLERY)

(PHOTO GALLERY) A magnificent collection shows the animal kingdom bursting with life. — Global Animal

Who Is The Best Father? 10 Notable Animal Dads (GALLERY)

(ANIMAL PICTURES/ANIMAL DADS) Happy Father's Day to all the dads in the world—human and otherwise. As an ode to dads, here's a list of the top 10 most notable animal dads. Weigh in on the poll and tell us which animal you think is the best father. Or better yet, send this list to the dad in your life and find out which animal dad he most resembles! — Global Animal

15 Adorable Mothers & Babies (GALLERY)

(MOTHER'S DAY/BABY ANIMALS/ANIMAL PICTURES) What's cuter than baby animal photos? Pictures of babies snuggling with their mothers, of course! Enjoy this compilation of some of the cutest snapshots of animal moms and their little ones! — Global Animal

Critters With Cameras: Animal Photographers In The Making

(ANIMAL PICTURES/WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY) While it may be difficult to have animals pose for pictures, these animals seem eager to be the ones behind the camera. Check out these adorable pictures of budding animal photographers. — Global Animal
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High Of The Tiger: Big Cats Get Five Acres Of Freedom (GALLERY)

(TIGERS/ANIMAL PICTURES/WILDLIFE CONSERVATION) Lions, tigers, and other big cats have grown increasingly more popular in the exotic pet trade. According to the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), there are anywhere between 5,000 and 7,000 tigers living in the U.S., but less than 400 of them are accounted for by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Instead, tigers and other big cats are continuously found living in peoples' backyards, basements, and roadside zoos. The Fund for Animals and HSUS are working hard to solve this problem. Just recently, the HSUS saved four tigers and sent them to America's largest animal sanctuary in Texas, Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch. Three of the tigers, Anastasia, Natalia, and Gustavo, were rescued from an illegal roadside zoo in Mississippi, where they were forced to live in cruel conditions for many years without veterinary care. Alexander, the fourth tiger, was rescued from a private residence in Kansas after his owner abandoned him, leaving him and several other wild animals caged and without access to food or clean water. For the first time in their lives, the tigers will be living in a large, 5-acre home with natural vegetation and uninterrupted skies. Check out these four tigers embracing their new forever home in the heartwarming photos below. -- Global Animal