Monday, September 21, 2020

OCEANS's OCEAN section dives into ocean conservation, including activism to save whales, dolphins, turtles, and bluefin tuna. Find news about Sea Shepherd and efforts to stop the Taiji dolphin slaughter. Plus, learn how to help end keeping dolphins, whales, and other mammals captive in theme parks like SeaWorld.

Whale Wars Wise?: Catch Sea Shepherd Trivia Here

(WHALE WARS) For diehard fans of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Captain Paul Watson or the high-stakes Animal Planet TV series, today is a great day because season four of Whale Wars premieres in just hours. Here are some interesting and lesser-known Sea Shepherd facts to show off with at your viewing party tonight... -- Global Animal

Anti-Whaling Activist Pete Bethune Won’t Get Jail Time

(WHALING) Bethune was given a two-year sentence, suspended for five years, by a Tokyo court. It is expected the 45-year-old New Zealander will be released today after already serving five months in detention in Tokyo while his case was being heard. — Global Animal

Does The Legendary Shark Week Deceive You?

(SHARK NEWS) Over the years, Discovery Channel's Shark Week has gained millions of viewers and even stretched across seas. Most tune in for the thrill, but animal activists are worried if this negatively depicts our fish while straying from the terrible reality that humans kill tens of millions of sharks per year. Humans are rarely threatened by sharks, but a lot of the episodes from Shark Week largely focus on the aggressive nature of Great Whites, a type of shark that seldom mistakes humans for seals. While MythBusters does a fantastic job reminding us we are more likely to die from a Black Friday stampede or even a hotdog than from a shark attack, this is just one episode competing amongst 160 other. Read on to learn more about how the series could help sharks by highlighting the dangers we put them through. — Global Animal

13 Ghost Sharks To Get You In The Halloween Spirit

(OCEANS/SHARKS) What's scarier than ghosts and sharks? Try a combination of both--ghost sharks! Also called "ratfish," "rabbitfish," "elephant fish," or "spookfish," believe it or not, ghost sharks aren't sharks at all. These mysterious animals actually belong to three families even though they are often grouped into one. Just in time for Halloween, check out these 13 ghost sharks to get in the spooky spirit! -- Global Animal

Shell No! Why Tourists & Turtles Don’t Mix

(OCEAN CONSERVATION/SEA TURTLES) Remember going to the pond and feeding the ducks as a kid? Or what about going to the beach and giving the seagulls crackers? It may seem like harmless fun, but a research group at the University of Barcelona recently discovered that feeding wild animals like green sea turtles is actually hurting their population. It changes their diet, the chemicals in their body, as well as their behavior toward humans. Read on to find out how we can save these turtles one step at a time. -- Global Animal

Whale Wars Makes A Splash In Santa Monica

(WHALE WARS) VIDEO & PICTURES – Loyal fans found good company on Friday night at a special premiere screening of Whale Wars on the world-famous Santa Monica Pier. Animal Planet, along with Los Angeles Times' lifestyle magazine Brand X, hosted the screening as part of an ongoing series of films to be shown on the pier. Sitting over the water looking out to the ocean, fans agreed that this Whale Wars viewing party was perfect. Where will you be watching the show tonight?

Dolphin At Japanese Aquarium Attempts Escape, Or Suicide?

(VIDEO) Japan — Tourists and seemingly, the other dolphins, were shocked when a dolphin propelled himself over the side of his tank.  Notice the concerned response of the other dolphins who crowded the edge to watch. It's painful to watch – and safe to say there's a sobering message from these captive creatures with what we pretend are smiles on their faces. — Global Animal

Dolphin Asks Divers For Help (VIDEO)

(OCEANS) A bottlenose dolphin recently found himself stuck with a hook and a fishing line in his pectoral fin. Fortunately, the clever mammal knew how to ask for help. The dolphin continued swimming around a group of divers who were on a night swim off Kona on January 11, until they took notice of his condition and helped him. The divers were watching manta rays feeding on plankton when the dolphin started circling around them. Read on to learn more about the amazing story and watch the video of the dolphin rescue. — Global Animal

Researchers Collect Whale Snot By Toy Helicopter

Tissue samples from whales make it possible to research disease in the giants of the sea, and eventually, find solutions and save lives. Until now, tissue sampling was injurious and invasive. Flying snot, trapped with a toy helicopter, has changed all of that. Sounds more fun, no?

The Plastic Problem In Our Oceans: Facts & Figures

(OCEANS/POLLUTION) From production to consumption, plastic is toxic and it's killing tens of thousands of marine animals every year. Plastic waste is drowning our Earth's oceans and waterways, and while it's a serious problem for current and future generations, the issue goes largely ignored. Take a look at the infographic below to learn the facts about plastic pollution's impact on the environment and marine life, and see what you can do to help reduce plastic consumption. Your efforts may seem like just a drop in the ocean, but the choices of individuals can have a big impact. -- Global Animal

World Bites Into Shark Conservation

(SHARK CONSERVATION) Shark fishing and finning account for more than 70 million shark deaths per year. People are a threat to sharks, but thanks to conservation efforts around the world, that is changing. Read on to learn more about the efforts being made to save sharks and what countries are leading the charge. — Global Animal

Whaling Activist Pete Bethune Gets Suspended Jail Term

(WHALING) Anti-whaling activist Peter Bethune has been given a two-year prison sentence, suspended for five years, by a Japanese court. — Global Animal

Bow Your Heads To These Mysterious Musicians Of The Sea

(OCEANS/WHALES) Bow your heads to the newest artists of the sea! The bowhead whale is singing a different song compared to their friends the humpback or orca. These mysterious musicians are raising the bar, showing how diverse these gentle giants can be, and never singing the same tune. Read on to find out more about these unique composers. -- Global Animal

Shell-ebrate World Turtle Day With These 7 Unique Travel Experiences

(ANIMAL TOURISM/WILDLIFE) Every year on May 23, World Turtle Day shines a light on the plight of sea turtles as they arrive to beaches all over the world to nest from mid-May to late-August. As more beachfront properties open around the world and nesting sea turtles are forced to share land with vacationing humans, a variety of hotels and cruises are doing their part to protect turtles and their nesting grounds while helping guests participate in conservation efforts. Lights, urban development, and even hunting have a significant impact on the survival of nesting turtles, but luckily many resorts are learning to be good neighbors and are even improving the odds for these threatened species. This World Turtle Day, check out these seven unique travel experiences that go above and beyond to protect nesting and hatchling sea turtles. -- Global Animal