Tuesday, June 15, 2021


GlobalAnimal.org's OCEAN section dives into ocean conservation, including activism to save whales, dolphins, turtles, and bluefin tuna. Find news about Sea Shepherd and efforts to stop the Taiji dolphin slaughter. Plus, learn how to help end keeping dolphins, whales, and other mammals captive in theme parks like SeaWorld.

Careful What You Flush! Human Medicines Causing Resistant Bacteria in Sharks

(SEA/SHARKS) — Flush your antibiotics? Stop! Leftover medicines have been finding their way to the ocean and the sharks living there and are causing drug-resistant bacteria to evolve and multiply. — Global Animal

U.S. And Canada Clash Over Right Whale Protection

(ENDANGERED WHALES) CANADA — One of Canada's most endangered species is at the centre of a new lawsuit in the United States, where environmentalists are pressing federal agencies to increase protection of the North Atlantic right whale's feeding, breeding and calving areas south of its Nova Scotia summer range. — Global Animal

Defenders Of Wildlife And Southern Environmental Law Center Sue BP For Killing Animals

(ACTIVISM) ATLANTA — The notice of intent letter sent to BP today by the Southern Environmental Law Center and Defenders of Wildlife outlines both immediate and long-term exposure concerns for the well-being and survival of endangered species caused by the continuing oil spill and use of dispersants. — Global Animal

Dolphin At Japanese Aquarium Attempts Escape, Or Suicide?

(VIDEO) Japan — Tourists and seemingly, the other dolphins, were shocked when a dolphin propelled himself over the side of his tank.  Notice the concerned response of the other dolphins who crowded the edge to watch. It's painful to watch – and safe to say there's a sobering message from these captive creatures with what we pretend are smiles on their faces. — Global Animal

Mekong River Dam Plans Ignore Giant Catfish

(SOUTHEAST ASIA) — Giant catfish can grow up to ten feet long and can weigh about 770 pounds, but proposed dams for the Mekong River in Southeast Asia would permanently threaten, if not end, the reign of these gigantic creatures. — Global Animal

Ancient Species Of Coral and Sponges Discovered Off Newfoundland Coast

CANADA-Scientists have found ancient species of coral and sponges previously unknown to science of the Newfoundland Coast.

Researchers Find Promising Evidence Of Fishes’ Adaptability to Climate Change

CANADA-A team of researchers experimenting with temperature change and saltwater sticklebacks finds promising evidence that some species can adapt to rapid climate change faster than expected.

Bad Decision: EU Suspends Ban Of Imported Seal Products From Canada

(SEALS) The European Union suspended a ban on seal products pending a review on behalf of the Inuit people, who say the ban would kill their business, even though they are exempt. We say kill the business and let the seals live. — Global Animal

Emotional Funeral For Beached Pilot Whales In NZ

(WHALES) KARIKARI BEACH, NEW ZEALAND — Fifty-eight pilot whales died on the beach on the north island of New Zealand.  The absence of an explanation for the mass stranding heightened the feeling of loss for the local residents who tried to save them. — Global Animal

Sanctuary? A Protected Area For Beluga Whales That Protects Oil Interests

(WHALES) OTTAWA - Can a protected area for beluga whales be truly protected if one percent of it is given to oil and gas interests for unlimited drilling exploration? Is an oil spill going to respect that imaginary line in the water? Or, even more laughably, does the idea that they'll be "exploring" when the beluga's are gone for the season make a difference? Doubtful, especially if the Beluga's return to the Beaufort Sea  to feed, socialize and raise their calves after an oil spill.

While Prime Minister Harper made a big show of creating a new protected area for Beluga whales, he quietly made a deal to allow drilling and oil exploration in one percent of the reserve. Let's hope the returning belugas don't come home to a sea as polluted with oil as the gulf has become due to BP's oil "exploration." We at Global Animal think this revised meaning for 'protected' is hypocritical and that oil companies should focus on cleaning up the gulf. Isn't pillaging the rest of the planet enough without encroaching on the earth's few sanctuaries? What do you think? — Global Animal

Eating Garbage: Plastic In Ocean Is A Bad Deal – And Meal – For...

(SEA) ATLANTIC OCEAN — The garbage patch may not be growing, but the plastic ends up somewhere. Plastic waste is either disintegrating and floating to the ocean floor or eaten by unsuspecting fish. Researchers explain why either scenario is hard to digest. – Global Animal

Dolphin meat contains dangerous levels of mercury. Photo credit: The Cove

Horrific Dolphin Slaughter Begins Again At ‘The Cove’ (and how to help stop it)

(DOLPHIN SLAUGHTER) TAIJI, JAPAN– The bloody dolphin slaughter at the cove in Taiji, Japan, began again today despite worldwide protest and disgust. So what can stop it? Hint: Marine parks buy a few dozen of the corralled dolphins before all others are stabbed to death.

Taiji ‘Fishermen’ Caught Killing 15 Pilot Whales In Dolphin Slaughter Cove

JAPAN – The first victims of the slaughter are 15 pilot whales that marine park trainers rejected. The 'fishermen'  tried to cover up the killings, illustrating that it's butchering business as usual in The Cove, except with a wider blood-soaked net.

Crowds Show Up Worldwide To Protest Japanese Dolphin Slaughter

INTERNATIONAL - Thousands of protesters gathered in front of Japanese Consulates around the world, partaking in "International Save The Dolphins Day," trying to stop the annual dolphin slaughter in Taiji, Japan.