Thursday, October 29, 2020

OCEANS's OCEAN section dives into ocean conservation, including activism to save whales, dolphins, turtles, and bluefin tuna. Find news about Sea Shepherd and efforts to stop the Taiji dolphin slaughter. Plus, learn how to help end keeping dolphins, whales, and other mammals captive in theme parks like SeaWorld.

The Plastic Problem In Our Oceans: Facts & Figures

(OCEANS/POLLUTION) From production to consumption, plastic is toxic and it's killing tens of thousands of marine animals every year. Plastic waste is drowning our Earth's oceans and waterways, and while it's a serious problem for current and future generations, the issue goes largely ignored. Take a look at the infographic below to learn the facts about plastic pollution's impact on the environment and marine life, and see what you can do to help reduce plastic consumption. Your efforts may seem like just a drop in the ocean, but the choices of individuals can have a big impact. -- Global Animal

Court Turns Cold Shoulder To Morgan

(FREE MORGAN) AMSTERDAM — Animals belong in the wild where they are free to flourish and demonstrate their natural beauties. However, a court decision calls for the orca named Morgan to be sent to Loro Parque rather than to be returned home safely. Not losing hope, the Orca Coalition will continue to fight for Morgan's freedom. Read on to learn more about this judicial debacle and the the Orca Coalition's upcoming plans. — Global Animal

Ancient Species Of Coral and Sponges Discovered Off Newfoundland Coast

CANADA-Scientists have found ancient species of coral and sponges previously unknown to science of the Newfoundland Coast.

Shell-ebrate World Turtle Day With These 7 Unique Travel Experiences

(ANIMAL TOURISM/WILDLIFE) Every year on May 23, World Turtle Day shines a light on the plight of sea turtles as they arrive to beaches all over the world to nest from mid-May to late-August. As more beachfront properties open around the world and nesting sea turtles are forced to share land with vacationing humans, a variety of hotels and cruises are doing their part to protect turtles and their nesting grounds while helping guests participate in conservation efforts. Lights, urban development, and even hunting have a significant impact on the survival of nesting turtles, but luckily many resorts are learning to be good neighbors and are even improving the odds for these threatened species. This World Turtle Day, check out these seven unique travel experiences that go above and beyond to protect nesting and hatchling sea turtles. -- Global Animal

Six Dolphins Saved Off Cape Cod Coast

(DOLPHINS) MASSACHUSETTS — Rescuers were able to save six dolphins who were trapped in mud flats off Cape Cod coast. — Global Animal

Shamu To Make Splash In Courtroom

(SEAWORLD) CALIFORNIA — The animal rights group PETA is accusing SeaWorld of violating the 13th Amendment ban on slavery by mistreating its marine park orcas. According to PETA, the lawsuit which will be filed today in San Diego, aims to grant constitutional rights to the 5 orca whales, one of which made headlines last year when his trainer drowned after he dragged her underwater. Read on for more about this developing lawsuit. — Global Animal

Whale War Is On: Japanese Harpoon Ships Leave Port

December 1, 2010  JAPAN– JUST IN: According to conservationist Pete Bethune, Japanese whalers have left port in three harpoon ships for the start of the 2010 whaling season.

Millions Of Fish Die In Redondo Beach

CALIFORNIA –Millions of dead anchovies and sardines washed into King Harbor in Redondo Beach this week, leaving scientists wondering what caused the mass die-off. Researchers believe extremely low oxygen levels in the water may have been the culprit.

This World Oceans Day, Dive Into The Deep Waters Of The Atlantic

(OCEANS) Today, June 8 is World Oceans Day, a day dedicated to celebrating our oceans and the major role they have in everyday life. Not only are they are a major source of oxygen, food, and medicine, but they are a critical part of the biosphere. The main purpose of World Oceans Day is to educate the public on the impact that human actions have on our oceans, while developing a worldwide movement for sustainable management. In celebration of World Oceans Day, we invite you to explore the deep waters of the Atlantic Ocean with this 360° virtual reality tour from a diver's point of view. -- Global Animal

Russia Pretends To End Harp Seal Hunt

(SEA) RUSSIA — Russia pretended to end their history of harp seal slaughter by announcing a 'complete' ban on hunting 'all' harp seals--but the ban only protects seals less than one year of age. Complete wasn't exactly the right word.

Beached Whales Struggling For Life

(ANIMAL WELFARE) TASMANIA — Four whales are fighting for their lives in Tasmania, an island off Australia. Sixteen other sperm whales were recently beached and didn't survive because of conditions that prevented human aid attempts. Read on for what the West Coast Parks and Wildlife Service is attempting to do to save these beached whales. — Global Animal

Worldwide, there are only about 60 shark attacks on people each year. Photo credit:

Shark Attacks Vs. Shark Finning: Facts Behind The Fear

(OCEAN CONSERVATION/SHARKS) This week kicks off Discovery Channel's most anticipated summer staple, Shark Week. Referred to as "the Super Bowl of the sea," Shark Week is the longest-running cable TV programming event in history and a feeding frenzy in terms of ratings. But while Shark Week is good for the Discovery Channel, many are asking: Is it good for sharks? -- Global Animal

This Breakthrough Will Help Save Our Coral Reefs

(OCEANS/CORAL REEFS) For the first time in history, the Florida Aquarium has successfully reproduced ridged cactus coral--a scientific breakthrough that will help save the third largest coral reef in the world, "America's Great Barrier Reef." The corals are just one of the many species rescued from Florida's waters after the region's coral reefs began undergoing a major disease outbreak that started in 2014. Scientists intend to breed and reproduce these rescued colonies in hopes of eventually restoring the reefs once the disease is gone. Continue reading to learn more about this major step toward repopulating the world's coral reefs. -- Global Animal

Diver Befriends Whale Shark (GALLERY)

(WHALE SHARKS/PHOTO GALLERY) MEXICO — How many people meet a shark and live to tell about it? Well, a diver off Islas Mujeres, Mexico sure got a scare when he thought a whale shark wanted him for lunch. Luckily, these magnificent creatures have no desire to feast on people and instead search for fish eggs near the water's surface. Check out the diver's breathtaking interactions with the whale shark below! — Global Animal