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GlobalAnimal.org's OCEAN section dives into ocean conservation, including activism to save whales, dolphins, turtles, and bluefin tuna. Find news about Sea Shepherd and efforts to stop the Taiji dolphin slaughter. Plus, learn how to help end keeping dolphins, whales, and other mammals captive in theme parks like SeaWorld.

Endangered Baby Sea Turtles

6 Tips To Keep Sea Turtles Safe During Nesting Season

(SEA TURTLES/OCEAN CONSERVATION) FLORIDA -- With sea turtle nesting season in full effect, it's important to take caution as we share the beaches with these endangered animals. From March through October, sea turtles emerge from the surf at night to lay their eggs in the sand, then return to sea. Two months later, about a hundred baby turtle hatchlings emerge from their nests and crawl to the ocean. These hatchlings are particularly vulnerable so it's crucial that residents and visitors alike do their part to ensure sea turtles have a safe and successful nesting season. Check out the tips below, courtesy of Loggerhead Marinelife Center, on how to protect sea turtles during nesting season. -- Global Animal

Beached Whales Struggling For Life

(ANIMAL WELFARE) TASMANIA — Four whales are fighting for their lives in Tasmania, an island off Australia. Sixteen other sperm whales were recently beached and didn't survive because of conditions that prevented human aid attempts. Read on for what the West Coast Parks and Wildlife Service is attempting to do to save these beached whales. — Global Animal

Mekong River Dam Plans Ignore Giant Catfish

(SOUTHEAST ASIA) — Giant catfish can grow up to ten feet long and can weigh about 770 pounds, but proposed dams for the Mekong River in Southeast Asia would permanently threaten, if not end, the reign of these gigantic creatures. — Global Animal

Orcas, Killer Whales, PETA, SeaWorld, Whale Sanctuaries

Whales Win Battle with California Farmers

(OCEAN CONSERVATION/WHALES) Victory! After a year spent reviewing a petition to delist 82 southern resident orcas, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has announced the whales will remain protected under the Endangered Species Act. The organization found the killer whale pods, who spend their summers in Puget Sound, met the legal standard for a distinct population group in response to a petition on behalf of California farmers who faced restrictions to protect salmon farms. Read on to learn more about the decision and see what officials are suggesting for recovery-plan options. — Global Animal

Cute Baby Seal

Canadian Seal Hunt A Dead Tradition?

CANADA (WILDLIFE) – The annual seal hunt in Canada opened Monday, but poor ice conditions and a lack of economic incentive have made hunters think twice before going out to kill this year.

This World Oceans Day, Dive Into The Deep Waters Of The Atlantic

(OCEANS) Today, June 8 is World Oceans Day, a day dedicated to celebrating our oceans and the major role they have in everyday life. Not only are they are a major source of oxygen, food, and medicine, but they are a critical part of the biosphere. The main purpose of World Oceans Day is to educate the public on the impact that human actions have on our oceans, while developing a worldwide movement for sustainable management. In celebration of World Oceans Day, we invite you to explore the deep waters of the Atlantic Ocean with this 360° virtual reality tour from a diver's point of view. -- Global Animal

Petition To End Dolphin Slaughter Gets 1 Million+ Signatures

(ANIMAL ACTIVISM) When "The Cove" won an Oscar for best documentary in 2009, change was in the water. Now, part of the activism inspired by...

Ancient Species Of Coral and Sponges Discovered Off Newfoundland Coast

CANADA-Scientists have found ancient species of coral and sponges previously unknown to science of the Newfoundland Coast.

Swimming With Sharks: Thrill-Seeking Lives Of Freedivers

(SHARK PICTURES/OCEANS) Brazilian photographer Raul Boesel Jr. released a fascinating look into the ocean world with his enigmatic photographs of freedivers swimming with sharks. "You feel all kinds of emotions when diving with these beautiful animals. They range from happiness, euphoria, anxiety and fear," Boesel said. Although Boesel is right to have a healthy amount of fear toward the wild animals, he clearly also displays a healthy dose of respect and admiration for the ocean dwellers. The photographs are a beautiful display of the delicate bond between humans and wildlife. Read on to learn more about this fascinating experience and see more pictures below. — Global Animal

Whale Wars Wise?: Catch Sea Shepherd Trivia Here

(WHALE WARS) For diehard fans of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Captain Paul Watson or the high-stakes Animal Planet TV series, today is a great day because season four of Whale Wars premieres in just hours. Here are some interesting and lesser-known Sea Shepherd facts to show off with at your viewing party tonight... -- Global Animal

Unsuspected Victims Of The Opioid Epidemic

(OCEANS) In the rugged waters of the Puget Sound, lay mussels who filter water in search of nutrients. However, no one expected to find traces of Oxycodone in the Seattle shellfish. If Opioids are reaching these filter feeders, how many other aquatic animals are being affected? Read on to find out how these dangerous drugs are permeating through Puget Sound and the impact this could have on all of us. -- Global Animal

Bethune’s Fate To Be Determined In Next 24 Hours

(WILDLIFE) — Peter Bethune has been in jail in Japan since February, after he boarded a japanese whaling ship and attempted to arrest the captain. He faces up to 2 years in prison. — Global Animal

When not performing, SeaWorld whales are confined to even smaller tanks. Photo Credit: Slavetoentertainment.com

Elderly Orca Still Forced To Perform

(ENDANGERED SPECIES) Lolita is an orca whale who has been captive at the Miami Seaquarium for over 40 years. She was taken from her pod at just four years old and brought to the facility, which boosts the smallest orca whale housing in the nation. When she is not performing, Lolita is left to swim in her tank by herself day in and out, while Seaquarium owners, Arthur and Andrew Hertz, have profited tens of millions dollars during her four decade enslavement. Read on for more information. — Global Animal

Crowds Show Up Worldwide To Protest Japanese Dolphin Slaughter

INTERNATIONAL - Thousands of protesters gathered in front of Japanese Consulates around the world, partaking in "International Save The Dolphins Day," trying to stop the annual dolphin slaughter in Taiji, Japan.