Monday, January 25, 2021


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Divorced Swan Remarries

UNITED KINGDOM - Swans are famously monogamous, but not Sarindi. She 'divorced' her first mate, and quickly has moved on to a second. Will this marriage last, or is it doomed to failure? Find out here!

‘Flying’ People Teach Endangered Birds To Migrate

EUROPE - Conservationists in microlights are teaching the critically endangered northern bald ibis, or Waldrapp, bred in captivity how to migrate. Without this knowledge the birds could never survive in the wild, so people are going up in microlights and leading the birds in their first migration.

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Owl-Napping Blamed On Kid’s Fascination with Harry Potter’s Hedwig

(OWLS) INDIA– A record number of owls have been disappearing in India and Harry Potter's infamous owl Hedwig may be to blame. Children's fascination with owls has been peaked--and kids are nabbing the owls as pets. Black magic rituals are also suspected as cause to sharp decreases in owl populations. -- Global Animal

Scientists Developing Deodorant For Smelly Birds

NEW ZEALAND– You may have read about birth control for stateside pigeons. Now, scientists in New Zealand are trying to develop a deodorant for their native birds like the Kiwi – not to bring others closer, but to keep predators away.

Anyone Seen 400 Pheasants Around Town?

(PHEASANTS) UNITED KINGDOM — Police in the UK are still stumped after 400 pheasants were stolen from two different farms in Leicestershire a week ago. — Global Animal

Two Wrongs: Canada Geese Gassed And Fed To Oregon’s Homeless

(GEESE) BEND, OREGON-Hard to believe that State officials in Oregon are gassing migrating Canadian Geese to feed to the homeless. Nothing like combining two wrongs to make another wrong! — Global Animal