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All about birds: News, Stories, Facts & Science

The Science Of Song: Birds & Grammar

(ANIMAL SCIENCE) A new study has revealed that humans aren't the only ones to use grammar in speech. Songbirds seem to have their own patterns when it comes to chirping. — Global Animal

Do Crows Have An Elephant’s Memory?

(ANIMAL SCIENCE) Animals can do some interesting things, but scientists have learned some surprising new facts about the average crow. It seems that the elephant isn't the only one who never forgets. — Global Animal

Hoo Helps Hoom Understand the Ecosystem?

(OWLS, ENVIRONMENT ) As owls deliver messages in the wizarding world, they also bring us mere muggles messages pertaining to our own ecosystem. The study of snowy owls, or Hedwig-type owls, in the Arctic can enlighten us on the nature of the Arctic ecosystem. Due to the plethora of research on snowy owls, their changes in behavior and living patterns can cue us in on environmental changes. Thus, our wise, nocturnal friends carry an important message to deliver. — Global Animal

Bird Watch: Birds Of Prey Preyed Upon No More

(ANIMAL WELFARE) – It's good news for birds of prey in the United Kingdom today as predator Dean Barr, who was found with an extraordinary amount of the bird poison carbofuran, will pay heavily for his crimes. Animal lovers everywhere will be pleased to see that the UK hasn't taken Barr's offense against nature lightly. — Global Animal

Parakeets Invade Britain Like Hitchcock’s “The Birds”

(BIRDS) UK – England's wild parakeet population has burgeoned from a few who escaped their cages to nearly 30,000 birds living a noisy, raucous life in the suburbs of Britain. See why the parakeet invasion has residents feeling like they're in Hitchcock's "The Birds." -- Global Animal

Bald Eagle: Bird’s Eye View Of Nest (LIVE CAM)

(WILDLIFE/STREAMING VIDEO) It's wild! Millions swooped in to this bald eagle nest to watch the egg hatching. Now, the live video feed of the Eagle Cam in Decorah, Iowa is a fascinating bird's eye view into family life in an eagle's nest. We love how sharp the video quality is, as though we're fellow wild beings experiencing the world from a treetop.

Scientists Race To Rebuild Parrot Population

TASMANIA — With only 30 to 50 orange-bellied parrots left in the world, scientists have reached the point where they must step in to save the bird from extinction. Learn what steps are being taken to prevent this beautiful species from disappearing forever.

Floods Give New Life To Some Species

AUSTRALIA — The floods may be wreaking havoc for land dwellers, but many water birds are only benefiting from the rain. Even in the midst of tragedy and disaster, not all the news is bad. Find out why the birds that were in decline have having a baby boom now.

Fact Vs. Conspiracy: What Killed The Blackbirds?

ARKANSAS – The reporting on this event has been almost as weird as the events themselves. Everything from an article by CNN yesterday saying that mass deaths were 'normal' to interviews with fringe conspiracy theorists giving air to a wide range of hooey. Read the heartbreaking facts and then some of the more bizarre theories here. Our bottom line? The planet, and the animals that we share it with, are stressed – Global Animal

Bittern Bird Makes First Appearance In 150 Years

Jan. 5, 2011  UK– Some good bird news: The bittern, one of the UK’s most elusive birds, was spotted by Irish birdwatchers. In fact, there were three!

Did Fireworks Cause Birds To Fall From Sky?

ARKANSAS– More than 1,000 blackbirds plummeted from the sky just before midnight New Year's Eve. Game officials will investigate the mystery, including whether fireworks stressed the birds to death.

Floods Create Wildlife Boom

AUSTRALIA — Thousands of water birds have flocked to the Murrumbidgee for the bird paradise created by floods in the area. Discover how the birds are aiding the area, and how locals intend to keep this "bird city."

Woman Detained After Attempting To Smuggle Gyrfalcons

MOSCOW, Nov. 24, 2010 – A smuggler has been detained after eight gyrfalcons were found in her luggage. As many smuggled animals don't survive the trip, we're thankful these magnificent predators will be returned to the wild and hope this smuggler is punished to the full extent of the law.

Confused Pelicans Migrate North Instead Of South

RUSSIA - November, 21, 2010, A flock of lost pelicans accidentally migrated north to Siberia rather than south to Africa. Locals captured some of the exhausted birds and are caring for them until it is safe for the birds to fly south. Read to find out what made the pelicans think north was south.