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Rare Mediterranean Moths Inhabiting UK

(INSECT MIGRATION) ENGLAND — Unusually warm weather has attracted several rare moth species, causing the best moth migration season since 2006. The current population of flame brocade moths is the largest its been in the country for 130 years. — Global Animal

Crows Study In “Tool-School”

(ANIMAL INTELLIGENCE/BIRDS) A new study found that New Caledonian crows use the most complex tools of any non-human animal. How do they learn their remarkable skills? By attending school, of course! — Global Animal

Mystery Wounds Found On Pelicans

(PELICANS) CALIFORNIA — Along California's Central Coast, brown pelicans are being found with gaping holes in their chests. Experts do not yet know the cause of these injuries and claim they don't appear naturally afflicted. We hope officials can figure out the problem and save these beautiful birds. Read about some theories on these mystery puncture wounds. — Global Animal

Vultures Give ‘Facebook’ New Meaning

(BIRDS) People who use social media sites to update their 'status,' may be behaving like vultures who use 'face flushing' as a visible way of instantly updating their own status when interacting with peers and rivals. — Global Animal

Some Birds Forced To Change Their Tune

(BIRD SCIENCE) A new study suggests noise pollution causes some male birds to sing at higher frequencies, which is less attractive to females. Read on to find out how traffic and industrial noises are affecting certain bird populations. — Global Animal

Cockatoos To Be Protected

(ENDANGERED PARROTS) WASHINGTON DC — The Philippine, Yellow Crested, and White Cockatoo will be placed on the endangered species list, which will protect them from illegal poaching and trade. This is great news since their population began decreasing years ago. Learn more about these amazing birds and their will to survive. — Global Animal

Open Season On Peaceful Birds Causes Outcry (VIDEO)

(SANDHILL CRANE) KENTUCKY — The peaceful Sandhill Crane will be hunted this winter during its Kentucky migration period. This proposition by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources (KDFWR) has sparked controversy but luckily, progress on the bill has been minimal. Find out why the hunting of these birds is cruel and unnecessary. — Global Animal

The Not-So-Secret Life Of Bee Keepers

(ANIMAL CONNECTION) ILLINOIS — America is buzzing with a new profound love of bees. Beekeeping is on the rise in the United States, and while it's normal for honey farmers to develop in rural America, more and more bee hives are taking over urban areas. This means more honey for urbanites and possibly a new breed of naturally stronger, healthier bees. — Global Animal

Peacock Jailbreaks To The Big Apple

(PEACOCKS)  NEW YORK — A peacock escaped from the Central Park Zoo and got stuck on the window sill of a Fifth Avenue apartment building. This is the second animal "jail break" of the year and efforts are being made to return the bird to the zoo. — Global Animal

The High Cost Of Beauty: It’s For The Birds

(BIRDS) Birds with the brightest feathers may look beautiful, but they go on to become poor fliers according to a new study.

Whooping Crane Unable To ‘Whoop’

(ENDANGERED SPECIES) WASHINGTON D.C. — The National Zoo's first whooping crane in almost 90 years is unable to 'whoop.' Despite this setback, the bird is healthy and happens to be calm and non-aggressive, unlike most other cranes. Read about this bachelor's musical taste, his unsuccessful attempt at love, and how dancing with a zoo keeper may inspire a 'whooping' reaction from the silent creature. — Global Animal

Austrians Stare At Storks To Clear Runways

(WILDLIFE) AUSTRIA — A group of 27 storks flocked to Zeltweg, Austria just in time for a military airshow and could not be lured away. The Austrian army used an innovative tactic — staring — to safely clear  the air. — Global Animal

Rare He-She Butterfly Is Asymmetrical

(ANIMAL SCIENCE) ENGLAND — A rare dual-sex butterfly has hatched at London's Natural History Museum. The asymmetrical creature, called a gynandromorph, is half male and half female. Discover which other creatures experience sexual chimeras. — Global Animal

Recovered Bald Eagle Released On Independence Day (Video)

(WILDLIFE) It was a beautiful sight this independence day as a single bald eagle, our nation's emblem, was released back into the wilderness after recovering from a nearly fatal bout of lead poisoning.