Sunday, October 25, 2020


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Grieving Rituals Show Animal Compassion

(BIRD SCIENCE) Some species of birds have their own way of honoring the dead according to new research. Scientists discovered that when a western scrub jay dies, other jays will gather round the individual and make noise. The funeral-like behavior also serves as a warning against whatever danger might have killed their friend, and the birds tend to avoid the place for the next 24 hours. And this isn't only a bird phenomenon. Recently a grief-stricken giraffe refused to leave her dead baby's side, reminding us that many animals have the capacity to feel the same emotions as humans. Read on to find out more about bird funerals.—Global Animal

International Crackdown On Illegal Animal Trade

(ANIMAL WELFARE) This week, a giant black market bust left 4,000 people arrested and over twice that number of animals rescued. There was no hiding for these criminals, as officials were determined to save the tropical birds and put an end to their illegal trade. Many of these trafficked species are endangered, so this raid left animal advocates hopeful for the restoration of exotic European birds. Read on for more about the black market trade dangers and how much this operation has helped wildlife. — Global Animal

Tropical Butterfly Found In Canada

(ANIMAL DISCOVERY) CANADA —  The giant swallowtail butterfly, indigenous to Central and South America, was found in Montreal, Quebec. The butterfly was found in the cities botanical garden and is thought to be a result of North America's climate slowly becoming warmer. Read on for more on this tropical species making its new home in Canada. — Global Animal  

Raindrops: Dangerous to Hummingbirds?

(ANIMAL INTELLIGENCE) It's hard to believe that a simple raindrop could be hazardous, but a recent study shows that hummingbirds actually adjust the way they fly in order to avoid being taken out by rain. Learning about how these intelligent birds adapt their flights according to the weather can be beneficial to the way we navigate aircrafts. Read on for more details on how hummingbirds can help our aerospace navigation. — Global Animal

Fisherman Provides Prey For Bald Eagle

(ANIMAL NEWS) WASHINGTON — Last week, a lucky fisherman experienced real, wild life interaction when a 6-foot bald eagle dived down from the skies to snatch the man's catch. As one of the most beautiful creatures in our world and an American icon, the bald eagle does not make many appearances in our everyday lives. Not only was this man able to see the grand bird, but he was also able to play a part in this human-animal connection by directly providing a meal for the eagle. Read on for more details about the unbelievable incident. — Global Animal 

Number Of Birds On Red List Soar

(WILDLIFE CONSERVATION) Nearly one hundred species of birds have been added to the IUCN Red List within the past year, but officials claim there is nothing to fear. Efforts to save the populations are getting results, and with the increasing help of people around the world, this can continue. Read on to see how we've protected these magnificent birds in the past and how we can use our previous knowledge to save the at-risk species. — Global Animal

Injured Baby Golden Eagle Survives Wildfire (VIDEO)

(WILDFIRES) Wildlife rehabilitators are astounded by the resilience of a baby golden eagle that barely survived Utah's wildfires. The 5-pound eagle, now called Phoenix, is thought to have jumped from his nest to save himself, fell 25 feet, then rolled another 100 feet down to the base of the cliff his nest was on. He was found badly burnt by bird bander Kent Keller when he went to retrieve the tracking band from what he though would be a deceased baby bird. Read on for more on Phoenix's incredible story. — Global Animal 

The Maui Parrotbill is receiving a little help from Hawaiian Airlines. Photo Credit: Jack Jefferey

Airline Goes Extra Mile For Endangered Bird

(ANIMAL CONSERVATION) The Maui Parrotbill is receiving a little extra lift under its wings thanks to a large corporate sponsor. Hawaiian Airline customers can now donate frequent flyer miles to the Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project through the current Give Wings to Great Causes program. The contributions will help supporting biologists with their new habitat restoration and recovery projects in Hawaii. Read more to learn about the various conservation efforts to save the endangered Maui Parrotbill. — Global Animal

Lead Poisoning Pushes Condors Towards Extinction

(BIRD NEWS) New research done on the California condor shows that despite decades of conservation work, the species is still close to extinction. The culprit behind the species' endangerment remains the same, lead from ammunition. Lead levels among the birds are so high that many require medical treatment and it may have an effect on their reproductive ability. Read on for more on the future of condors. — Global Animal 

Kiwi ‘Night Parrot’ Saved From Extinction (VIDEO)

(ENDANGERED BIRD) The flightless kakapo parrot, or "night bird," of New Zealand is hanging onto survival by a thread. On the verge of extinction since the 1990s, the ground-dwelling kakapo faces threats that range from the introduction of foreign predators to their strange preference to mate with humans over female kakapos. A huge conservation effort is underway to save the species, a breeding program on several remote islands that have increased the number of kakapos to 126 this year. Read on for more on this extraordiary parrot, and how New Zealand is doing all it can to save the species. — Global Animal

The French Open: Falcons vs. Pigeons

(BIRD NEWS) FRANCE — Never mind the battle for the number one spot between Nadal and Djokovic, the spotlight of the French Open has officially been stolen by the birds. Apparently so many pigeon droppings have been landing on the court they are effecting play on the clay courts. Balls bounce differently off the slimy droppings and they are just plain gross to deal with. Read on for more on how they solved the problem of pooping pigeons. — Global Animal 

Bald Eagle Rescued By Local Man (VIDEO)

(BALD EAGLES) WASHINGTON — On his way home from work, Robert Hutton of North Spokane, Washington stopped when he saw a critically-injured bald eagle struggling in the road. Hutton wrapped the bird, later named Glen, in a blanket and took him to a veterinary hospital specializing in wildlife. Read on for more on the bald eagle's rescue and hopeful recovery. — Global Animal  

Mother Parrot Abandons Ugly Baby

(ANIMAL NEWS) A face only a mother could love? Sadly, not this little guy. According to The Daily Mail, the baby parrot, Nelson, was abandoned by his mother at Bergzoo in Germany, where he is now being cared for. While some are calling him a contender for the the ugliest bird, we think he is quite handsome! Let us know what you think in our poll. — Global Animal

NYC’s Humane Way To Keep Pigeons At Bay

(ANIMAL INTERACTIONS) The New York City subway has previously dealt with complaints about pigeons and their droppings by resorting to bird spikes and electric shock systems. The MTA is now using a simple, humane, natural, and much more effective method — playing recorded sounds of predatory birds. Read on about how this new system is effectively deterring pigeons. — Global Animal