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World’s Deadliest Lake Turns Animals Into Stone

(WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY/BIRDS) Photographer Nick Brandt recently traveled to the world's deadliest lake, Lake Natron in Northern Tanzania, and discovered a shocking collection of perfectly mummified animal remains. Upon full submersion into the lake, the animals are instantly calcified and perfectly preserved. Take a look at the following photos and read the article below to learn more about Lake Natron's unique properties, the animals who have fallen victim to it's depths, and the few that can actually survive it's deadly waters. — Global Animal

Colors Only Nature Could Create (GALLERY)

(BIRDS/ANIMAL PICTURES) Looking to brighten up your day? From dazzling ducks to flashy flamingos—check out these beautiful birds as they boast every color of the rainbow. — Global Animal

Divorced Swan Remarries

UNITED KINGDOM - Swans are famously monogamous, but not Sarindi. She 'divorced' her first mate, and quickly has moved on to a second. Will this marriage last, or is it doomed to failure? Find out here!

18 Quotes To Celebrate National Bird Day

(BIRDS/WILDLIFE CONSERVATION) Did you know today, January 5 is National Bird Day? Though mostly celebrated in the U.S., the special occasion--founded in 1894--attracts bird lovers from all over the world. While an estimated 10,000 bird species--both pets and wild birds--are currently at risk of extinction, the 'holiday' intends to advance bird conservation and emphasize critical issues surrounding the protection and survival of bird species. You can celebrate National Bird Day just by bird-watching outside in your backyard, observing online wildcams in the comfort of your own home, or simply by checking out these quotes below. -- Global Animal

Fungus Makes Cave Dwellers Go Batty

(ANIMAL WELFARE) Hibernating gray bats, native to cave systems in Alabama, have received a rude wake-up call.  Already suffering from endangerment, these gray bats are just one of seven species, who have contracted a life-threatening fungus. The fungus, known as white-nose syndrome, specifically targets cave dwelling bats, and is thought to have derived from Europe. Precautions to prevent the further spread of the disease westward, includes the desired closing of caves around the Rocky Mountains. Continue reading to find out what people are doing in order to protect uninfected bat populations. — Global Animal

Save The Eagles Day: Best Places To See The World’s Most Iconic Birds

(BIRDS/SPECIES CONSERVATION) Observed every year on January 10th, today is National Save The Eagles Day. The national 'holiday' serves to promote efforts to save America’s national symbol, the bald eagle. Fortunately, these conservation efforts have proven effective as the bald eagle was officially removed from the Endangered Species List in 2007. But did you know there are upwards of 70 different species of eagles worldwide? Several of them remain critically endangered, threatened by poaching, pesticides, and other factors. Read on to learn more about the world's eagles and where you can see them in the wild. -- Global Animal

Birdsongs Cure Winter Blues

(BIRDS/SKIES) December 21 is Winter Solstice—the darkest and shortest day of the year. But instead of getting bummed out, listen to some birdsongs instead! – Global Animal

Bat Appreciation Day: Go Batty With These Fun Bat Facts!

(BATS/ANIMAL FACTS) Bats often get a pretty bad rap due to countless myths and common misconceptions, and it's actually helping drive the species to extinction. But in reality, these "scary creatures" have an extremely important role in our environment, managing insect populations and pollinating plants. Just like bees, bats pollinate many plants and facilitate seed dispersal. Bats also eat bugs, thus reducing the amount of pesticides used by farmers (which also means less pesticides polluting the environment). In fact, scientists estimate bats in the U.S. have saved us somewhere between $3.7 and 54 billion in pest control services every year. Read on to learn more about the reasons we have to thank and celebrate bats. -- Global Animal

Don’t Just Wing It: How To Choose The Best Pet Bird For You

(PETS/BIRDS) Not all birds would make good pets, so when looking for a feathery addition to your family make sure you read up on this helpful information from the Humane Society. Read on to learn which birds make good pets, and which birds should be left in the wild. — Global Animal

Don’t Be A Bird Brain! What To Feed Your Pet Bird

(BIRDS/PET CARE) Feeding a pet bird isn't as easy as it may seem. Keep your pet healthy, safe, and happy by following these tips on caring for your bird's dietary needs. — Global Animal