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Incredible Pictures of Wildlife In Brazil and Panama

(PHOTO GALLERY) To search for and take pictures of rare wildlife species, Belgian ecologist and photographer Guido Sterkendries recently spent some time leading a Tarzan-like life in the rainforests in Brazil and Panama.

Baby Animals From Around The World (GALLERY)

(BABY ANIMALS/CUTE ANIMAL PICTURES) Check out this fantastic collection of photos showing new members of the animal kingdom from all around the world! — Global Animal

An Unlikely Victor

When you're tiny as a mouse and a leopard is staring you down, survival is a confidence game.

Man Is One Of The (Lion) Pack

(ANIMAL VIDEO) SOUTH AFRICA- Watch this video to see animal behaviorist Kevin Richardson be welcomed as one of the pack in this pride of lions. — Global Animal

Endangered Siamese Crocodiles Born

(ENDANGERED SPECIES) Conservationists in Cambodia are celebrating the hatching of a clutch of eggs from one of the world's most critically endangered crocodiles, the Siamese crocodile.

Alaska Commission Says “Sure, Kill Polar Bears!”

ALASKA – Alaska recommended to the U.S.-Russia Polar Bear Commission to lift the ban on killing polar bears in Russia for the first time in 50 years.

The High Cost Of Beauty: It’s For The Birds

(BIRDS) Birds with the brightest feathers may look beautiful, but they go on to become poor fliers according to a new study.

Why Red Squirrels Make Great Adoptive Moms

(SQUIRREL) Science suggests that 'being squirrely' can mean being altruistic. In keeping with Hamilton's Rule, when a red squirrel baby is in trouble, oftentimes, other squirrel moms will 'adopt' the youngster and go out on a limb to help. — Global Animal

From Famine to Feast: Malnourished Chimps Thrive in New Sanctuary

Suena and Poplap - the 2 subadult chimps that were seized in January after being found in filthy conditions in Goma with insufficient food...

Bethune’s Fate To Be Determined In Next 24 Hours

(WILDLIFE) — Peter Bethune has been in jail in Japan since February, after he boarded a japanese whaling ship and attempted to arrest the captain. He faces up to 2 years in prison. — Global Animal

Anti-Whaling Activist Pete Bethune Won’t Get Jail Time

(WHALING) Bethune was given a two-year sentence, suspended for five years, by a Tokyo court. It is expected the 45-year-old New Zealander will be released today after already serving five months in detention in Tokyo while his case was being heard. — Global Animal

Whaling Activist Pete Bethune Gets Suspended Jail Term

(WHALING) Anti-whaling activist Peter Bethune has been given a two-year prison sentence, suspended for five years, by a Japanese court. — Global Animal

Sea Shepherd’s Captain Paul Watson Responds To Bethune Verdict (VIDEO)

(VIDEO) Sea Shepherd's Captain Paul Watson upon hearing Pete Bethune was given a suspended prison sentence. — Global Animal

Two Wrongs: Canada Geese Gassed And Fed To Oregon’s Homeless

(GEESE) BEND, OREGON-Hard to believe that State officials in Oregon are gassing migrating Canadian Geese to feed to the homeless. Nothing like combining two wrongs to make another wrong! — Global Animal