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Ke$ha Not Into “Clubbing” In Canada

(TAKE ACTION) CANADA — Even though Ke$ha portrays herself as a care-free party girl in her music, she is actually very serious when it comes to protecting baby seals. The singer is urging people to boycott Canadian seafood in hopes that it will convince the country to keep their fisherman from clubbing seals. Read on to find out how you can follow in Ke$ha's footsteps and help baby seals. — Global Animal 

Eagles Vs. Drones? Dutch Police Devise Deadly Drone Defense System

(EAGLES/MILITARY WORKING ANIMALS) Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It's actually a police-trained eagle taking down an unmanned aerial vehicle. In an attempt to simplify anti-drone defenses, the Dutch National Police Force is currently in the middle of a trial period where eagles are trained to identify, capture, and transport illegally operated drones during emergencies. Although the police force is reportedly testing other electronic and physical solutions, trained eagles are said to offer more control over where captured drones are taken, and are able to hunt down drones in situations where it could be too dangerous to use more common strategies. However, many are saying this is an unfair fight--"pitting flesh and blood against machine"--that puts birds at serious risk of injury, and even death. A statement from PETA reads, "A bird belongs in nature and should never be forced to put his or her life and safety at risk." Wouldn't you agree? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. While it's not confirmed whether the technique will actually be used, authorities will decide upon adopting the program within the next few months. Read on for more on this unusual approach, and view the video below demonstrating the eagle's work. -- Global Animal

Bees Soar Above Computers At Math

(BEES/ANIMAL SCIENCE) Bees vs. Google maps, who will win? A bee, of course! Even though their brains are only the size of grass seeds, bees are able to find the fastest route possible between several flowers, much like a computer can calculate the quickest route to the airport, only bees do it faster. Read on to learn more on how bees are secretly mathematical geniuses. — Global Animal

Deadliest Catch For Bluefin Tuna

(ENDANGERED FISH) National Geographic's new series documenting the hunt for bluefin tuna is raising concerns with conservationists. With overfishing as the main cause for their status as a threatened species, the new TV show glorifying bluefin fishermen on the hunt will most likely do more harm than good. Read more on the new series, and how National Geographic is responding to skeptics. — Global Animal

UPDATE: South Korea Whaling

(WHALING) SOUTH KOREA — Thankfully the South Korean government has decided to scrap a controversial plan to hunt whales for scientific research. Environmentalist and non-whaling nations were suspect the plan was a cover for commercial whaling and were instrumental in getting the idea thrown out.  Read more on the prime minister's decision below. — Global Animal 

Don’t Try This At Home! Man Risks Life To Save Rabbit From California Wildfire

(WILDLIFE/ANIMAL RESCUE) As destructive wildfires continue to tear across Southern California, destroying homes, forcing evacuations, and displacing thousands of residents, one unnamed man risked his life to save a wild rabbit from the blaze. The viral video of the daring rescue shows a Ventura County highway engulfed in smoke and flames from the Thomas fire, which is so far the most massive of the Southern California wildfires, consuming nearly 100,000 acres. The unidentified good Samaritan--who has since become a social media hero--pulled over along Highway 1 near La Conchita, California, and braved the flames to save the small creature from the hellish inferno. It goes without saying that getting this close to a wildfire is extremely dangerous and not recommended, but in these trying times, we need more examples of compassion toward animals. Read on to learn more about the daring rescue and view the footage in the video clip below. -- Global Animal

Unicorns: Truth Behind The Myth (GALLERY)

(WEIRD ANIMALS) Whether or not unicorns truly exist depends greatly on your definition of the word "unicorn." Is anything with one horn a unicorn? Should it be a horse? Something vaguely equine in shape? Take a look at these real animals that could be considered types of unicorns, and may have even inspired the myth. — Global Animal

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15 Surprising Sloth Facts

(FUN ANIMAL FACTS/WILDLIFE/SLOTHS) Sloths are adorable, slow-moving mammals native to Central and South America. They are solitary mammals and just so happen to provide a habitat for a multitude of other organisms. For instance, did you know a single sloth may be home to moths, beetles, cockroaches, fungi, and algae? Scroll down for a fun list of 15 more surprising sloth facts. — Global Animal

Intimate Secret: Banana Spider’s Venom

(EXOTIC MEDICINE) The banana spider, a highly venomous arachnid, is now being studied in hopes of finding a treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED). The venom of the Phoneutria nigriventer is known to cause loss of muscle control and breathing problems that can result in paralysis and asphyxiation. But most importantly (in this case), the venom causes priapism, painful prolonged erections. Scientists are not just going to let this embarrassing and painful effect hide under the covers. Read on for more on animal aphrodisiacs. — Global Animal

Activists Fight For Orca’s Freedom (Take Action)

A young orca whale, Morgan, is currently being held captive in the Netherlands.  Activists are taking legal action in hopes of freeing her back into her natural habitat.  Read on and get involved... – Global Animal

Maldives Announces World’s Largest Marine Reserve

(OCEAN NEWS) By the year 2017, the 1,192 islands of the Maldives will be a marine reserve. The plan was announced recently at the Rio+20 UN Conference of Sustainable Development, and will make the country the largest protected area of ocean life in the world. With increasing threats to marine life and environments, this positive step will hopefully highlight the importance of the ocean's survival. Read on for more on the proposed plan. — Global Animal

Indonesian Zoo Under Fire Over Smoking Orangutan

(WILDLIFE/ZOOS) If smoking is bad for humans, then why would we let our hairy ancestors try it? At one Indonesian zoo, a guest flicked a cigarette into the orangutan enclosure. Even though these primates are incredibly smart, they do not necessarily understand right from wrong. See below to find out what action animal activists are taking against the Bandung Zoo. -- Global Animal

How 0.01% Of Life On Earth Is Causing The Sixth Mass Extinction

(ANIMAL EXTINCTION/WILDLIFE) Did you know the world's population of 7.6 billion people is equal to just 0.01 percent of all living things? While humankind is largely insignificant in the grand scheme of life on Earth, humanity is responsible for the loss of 83 percent of all wild mammals--half of which have been lost in the last 50 years alone--and around half of all plants. Meanwhile livestock kept by humans abounds, consisting of 96 percent of all mammals on Earth. The destruction of wild habitat for agriculture, logging, and development has resulted in the beginning of what scientists are calling the sixth mass extinction. Read on to learn more about the rise of civilization and it's disproportionate impact on all life on Earth. -- Global Animal

Endangered Siamese Crocodiles Born

(ENDANGERED SPECIES) Conservationists in Cambodia are celebrating the hatching of a clutch of eggs from one of the world's most critically endangered crocodiles, the Siamese crocodile.