Thursday, March 4, 2021

(VIDEO) Rescued Baby Dolphin Gets Swimming Lesson

 (ANIMAL VIDEO) JUST IN! Catch the first video of the rescued baby dolphin in Uruguay getting a swimming lesson. 13 days old on November 8th, 2010! — Global Animal

Capt. Paul Watson: The Whale That Changed My Life

(SEA SHEPHERD/ANIMAL ACTIVISM VIDEO) Sea Shepherd's Captain Paul Watson tells the riveting story of the moment a dying harpooned whale met his eye–-and how it changed his life forever. -- Global Animal

LaLa The Penguin Chills At Fish Market

(PENGUINS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Normally, Global Animal wouldn't condone a penguin as a pet, but it's quite apparent that LaLa has chosen the landlubber life. LaLa, a King Penguin, was trapped in a fishing net when the Nishimoto family found him and nursed him back to health. LaLa refused to leave after he recuperated, so now his days consist of runs to the fish market and some chillin' at home. — Global Animal

Big Mamas Come To Baby Elephant’s Rescue

(ANIMAL RESCUE/WILDLIFE VIDEO) When a baby elephant slips into a watering hole, it's not easy for the rest of the elephant family to get the little calf out. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention, and these distressed female elephants pull out all the stops.  See how these gentle giants wield their trunks to rescue the young elephant. -- Global Animal

Capt. Paul Watson: If We Kill Our Oceans, We Kill Ourselves

(SEA SHEPHERD/ANIMAL ACTIVISM VIDEO) Captain Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society talks about the death of our oceans, the politics of extinction and how the collapse of entire species of fish like the bluefin tuna is bad news for humans. — Global Animal

Dolphin Makes Awesome Swim Coach For Lab

(ANIMAL VIDEO) When dog and dolphin become friends, every day is a great day to meet for a swim. In recent days, thousands of Global Animal readers and their friends have watched this amazing video of Ben, the labrador, swimming and frolicking with his buddy, Duggie the Dolphin. We thought you might like the backstory on this unusual relationship. It’s a tale of  learning to love again and  the meaning of home. -- Global Animal

Elephant And Dog Know Value Of Friendship

(ANIMAL CONNECTION/WILDLIFE VIDEO) At an animal sanctuary in Tennessee, an elephant named Tara and a dog named Bella have formed an enduring friendship. Watch and see how their bond is unshakable in both sickness and in health. What great friends! -- Global Animal